Cold Cases

The worst fear of any case is becoming cold. Cold cases refer to the crimes that remain unsolved for weeks, years or even decades.

Joel Hollendorfer mugshot resized
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Group of men walk down the street
Construction equipment and people digging
jacob bumpass stands as the jury's verdict is read
Special Prosecutor Clay Tharp delivers the state's rebuttal in OH vs. Jacob Bumpass.
Jacob Bumpass' defense attorney Louis Sirkin delivers his closing argument.
Prosecutor Zach Zipperer delivers his closing in OH v. Bumpass.
kevin horan testifies in jacob bumpass trial

Teen Mystery Death Trial: Day 3

On Thursday, the prosecution rested its case-in-chief in the trial of Jacob Bumpass, facing charges in the disappearance of Paige Johnson. More

July 21, 2023

Jacob Bumpass walks into court
Tupac Shakur speaks to the camera with a bandana tied around his head
Rex Heuermann stands with a skyline in the background
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split screen of Kerry Rawson speaking to camera and a photo of BTK
Olivia Hicks and Jamie Jackson sit and speak to the camera
Kevin Horan stands as he addresses the court
Dave Rader testifies in court
Michael Turney speaks to the camera, wearing a blue collared shirt
home searched by LVMPD in Tupac investigation
Rex Heuermann mugshot