Cold Cases

The worst fear of any case is becoming cold. Cold cases refer to the crimes that remain unsolved for weeks, years or even decades.

louis sirkin delivers opening statement
Rex Heuermann stands in front of buildings
Authorities search the home of suspect Rex Heuermann.
Blonde woman with tissue box and head down on witness stand
Photo of Tupac Shakur
security video of rex heurmann arrest
officers stand guard as law enforcement searches the home of Rex Heuermann,
Sarah Turney walks with others out of the courthouse
side by side photos of Jacob Bumpass and Paige Johnson.
Judge dismisses charges in court
Michael Turney sits at the defense table wearing headphones
michael turney appears in court
Michael Turney sits in court
Donald Santini is led out of the courtroom
officers carry out a large item as law enforcement searches the home of Rex Heuermann
Photo of Rex Heuermann
photos of four smiling women
Photo of woman in a white dress and hat holding flowers
Suffolk County district attorney speaks at news conference
Two selfies show Rex Heuermann, one with him holding the phone as a flash goes off