Cold Cases

The worst fear of any case is becoming cold. Cold cases refer to the crimes that remain unsolved for weeks, years or even decades.

Photo of Paul Flores, in a mask.
BTK Killer Dennis Rader in a Kansas courtroom in 2005.
rex heuermann
Linda Sue Karnes portrait
handwritten letter with overlaid photo of young girl with curly blonde hair
Rex Heuermann
Gary Oliva
Gary Oliva
matt johnson look live
karen vergata portrait
karen vergata portrait displayed at press conference
Jeffrey Crum charged in Jennifer Odom murder
House with excavation underway outside
Joel Hollendorfer mugshot resized
gretchen harrington and david zandstra combo image
Group of men walk down the street
Construction equipment and people digging
jacob bumpass stands as the jury's verdict is read
Special Prosecutor Clay Tharp delivers the state's rebuttal in OH vs. Jacob Bumpass.