Court TV’s Most Bingeable Cases from the Trial Archives

Posted at 11:59 AM, November 18, 2022 and last updated 2:58 PM, July 26, 2023

By Ivy Brown

For decades, Court TV has been the ultimate true crime destination, bringing viewers inside the courtroom for the most compelling cases such as O.J. Simpson’s murder trial and Jeffrey Dahmer’s penalty trial. Here’s a look at some of the most binge-worthy cases from the Court TV Archives.

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard (2022)

Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard squared off at Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse in one of the most-watched trials in history. Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation, claiming she damaged his reputation when she wrote about domestic abuse in an op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post. Both celebrities testified in the trial, which gave viewers an inside look into the former couple’s tumultuous relationship.


Tot Mom Murder Trial: FL v. Casey Anthony (2011)

11 years ago, a Florida jury shocked the world when they acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The high-profile death penalty trial gripped the nation as prosecutors argued Casey killed her daughter to rid herself of parental responsibilities, and the defense countered that Caylee died from an accidental drowning in the family’s swimming pool. Through all the damning accusations and incriminating evidence, one thing remained clear: Casey Anthony was arguably the most hated woman in America.


Menendez Brothers Murder Trial: CA v. Menendez (1993)

It’s been almost 30 years since Erik and Lyle Menendez faced their first trial for the heinous murder of their parents. July 20, 1993, marked the beginning of a high-profile televised six-month trial that ended in two hung juries, prompting Judge Stanley M. Weisberg to declare a mistrial. The brothers were ultimately convicted in a second-untelevised 1995 trial. Despite the both brothers serving life sentences with no chance of parole, there has been renewed outcry that they didn’t get fair trials.


Jodi Arias Murder Trial: AZ v. Jodi Arias (2013)

Jodi Arias brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, on June 4, 2008. His body was found in the shower of his Mesa home with multiple stab wounds, a slit throat and a gunshot wound to the head. At trial, Arias claimed her actions were in self-defense. She testified for 18 days, hurling accusations of physical and mental abuse suffered at the hands of her lover. The jury found her guilty of first-degree murder and she was sentenced to life in prison.


A Woman Scorned: CA v. Betty Broderick (1991)

Elisabeth “Betty” Broderick was convicted of murdering her ex-husband and his new wife in 1989. Prosecutors argued an enraged and vengeful Betty killed Daniel Broderick and Linda Broderick because she was upset her husband left her for a younger woman. Betty took the stand in her own defense, claiming their high-profile and contentious divorce proceedings caused her to snap.


Spray Tan Murder Trial: FL v. Adam Kaufman (2009)

Florida real estate developer Adam Kaufman was accused of murdering his wife in 2007. Prosecutors argued he strangled Eleanora “Lina” Kaufman in their Aventura home and faked finding her body on their bathroom floor. His defense argued Lina died from an unknown heart condition. The case first drew national attention when the theory she died from an allergic reaction to a spray tan was presented. The jury found Adam not guilty.


Nanny Murder Trial: MA v. Louise Woodward (1997)

British Au Pair Louise Woodward was charged with the murder of 9-month-old Matthew Eappen. Prosecutors claimed Woodward shook Matthew violently, then carelessly threw him on to a pile of towels. Woodward’s defense argued Matthew’s injuries were months old. The trial brought international attention to the term “shaken baby syndrome.”