Femme Fatals

Femme Fatales are often depicted as seductive and manipulative, using their sexuality to conspire and commit crimes.

Splitscreen of Courtney Clenney and her attorney.
Courtney Clenney's parents' Miami mug shots.
Courtney Clenney's claim that their daughter was scared for her life.
Courtney Clenney's parents' Miami mug shots.
two booking photos and vinnie politan
Courtney Clenney in court.
booking photo of Courtney Clenney
Defense Attorney Jeff Laybourne
karen read appears in court
a suitcase on a floor inside a home
woman attacks man in still from video
Courtney Clenney
still from video showing couple fighting
photos of a man and a woman
Courtney Clenney
split screen of surveillance video and obumseli's family attorney
Lori Vallow Daybell appears in court
Courtney Clenney w/ Julie show GFX