New video shows Courtney Clenney and boyfriend fighting weeks before death

Posted at 5:26 PM, January 11, 2024 and last updated 8:58 AM, January 12, 2024

An OnlyFans model appears to repeatedly hit her boyfriend, whom she later stabbed to death, in a new video showing the couple arguing.

Courtney Clenney hits Christian Obumseli

In a video recorded in Aspen in 2022, Courtney Clenney appears to hit Christian Obumseli multiple times. (Haggard Law Firm)

Courtney Clenney is charged with second-degree murder for the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, on April 3, 2022. She has pleaded not guilty and has said that she stabbed Obumseli in self-defense.

The newly released video, shared with Court TV by the attorney representing Obumseli’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit against Clenney, shows the couple fighting in a room in Aspen, Colorado, in 2022. It was taken weeks before Obumseli’s death. The video starts with Clenney screaming at Obumseli, “I was (expletive) sober for two weeks! Two weeks, and then why am I not sober? Because of you!” Before repeatedly hitting him.

Obumseli grabs Clenney’s hands, prompting her to tell him to let go repeatedly. During the argument, Clenney accuses Obumseli of flirting with other women and touching someone’s breast.

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After releasing Clenney’s hands, she tries to hit him several more times before the conclusion of the video, where she says, “Christian, you’re fired.”

While the attorneys for Obumseli’s family argue the video shows Clenney’s “physical and verbal abuse,” the attorney representing Clenney reasserted her claim that she was the victim of abuse. “This video is an example of the toxic relationship between Obumseli and Courtney Clenney. Evidence exists that Obumseli physically abused Courtney on prior occasions and on April 3, 2022, Courtney was forced to defend herself from Obumseli’s physical attack,” said Clenney’s attorneys in a statement to Court TV.

A video previously released showed the couple fighting in Feb. 2022 inside the elevator of the Miami condominium where Obumseli would later be killed. Clenney’s attorneys have argued that video bolsters their defense of abuse, while Obumseli’s attorneys feel it supports their version of events.

Clenney is in jail being held without bond and is due in court on Jan. 12 for a status hearing.