Serial Killings

Vinnie Politan with the words crimecon in the background
Billy Chemirmir appears in court
A woman stands next to a tree
A man in glasses and an orange prison jumpsuit stands in court
Jeffrey Dahmer sits in court
Dennis Rader stands in court
btk suspect in cold cases
BTK suspect in 2 murders
BTK Killer Dennis Rader in a Kansas courtroom in 2005.
rex heuermann
A man in a suit looks at the camera
Aerial photo of excavator outside house
A woman in a sweater stands by a tree
left, pizza box with paper plate and pizza crusts, right selfie of Rex Heuermann
Rex Heuermann
matt johnson look live
karen vergata portrait
karen vergata portrait displayed at press conference
Heuermann on NYC street.
Heuermann house on Long Island.