Former Menudo member claims he was raped by father of Menendez brothers

Posted at 12:21 PM, April 20, 2023 and last updated 8:49 AM, April 21, 2023


A former member of an iconic Latin boy band claims he was raped by the father of the Menendez brothers in a new docuseries.

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Roy Rossello of Menudo at the Century Plaza Hotel

**FILE PHOTO** Roy Rossello of Menudo at the Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California 1985. (Ralph Dominguez/MediaPunch /IPX)

Roy Rosselló, who performed with the Puerto Rican group Menudo in the 1980s, says he was drugged and raped by RCA Records executive Jose Menendez while he was teenager.

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Rosselló’s allegations are featured in an upcoming Peacock docuseries, Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed, which premieres May 2.

The recent accusations are expected to shed new light on Erik and Lyle Menendez’s claims that, they too, were sexually abused by Jose. At their 1993 trial, both brothers testified they killed their parents out of fear for lives after suffering years of abuse.

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Their first trial ended in a mistrial after both juries deadlocked. During their second trial, Judge Stanley M. Weisberg ruled no testimony of the sexual abuse allegations could be heard by the jury. The Menendez brothers were convicted of double murder in March 1996 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

According to Court TV anchor Ted Rowlands, the new allegations won’t give the brothers an easy chance to get out of prison. Rowlands explains, “There are only two ways out of prison for them at this point. Gov. Gavin Newsom could grant them clemency, which is highly unlikely given the potential political liability.”

“The other option is to file a write of habeas corpus. If that’s successful, which is a long shot, they could get a new trial. A new trial would likely result in a lower conviction with a shorter sentence, which they’ve already served.”

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