Juror replaced, deliberations restart in trial of Timothy Verrill

Posted at 11:20 AM, April 9, 2024

DOVER, N.H. (Court TV) — A jury was ordered to restart their deliberations in the trial of a New Hampshire man accused of killing two women.

On Tuesday, Judge Mark Howard told the parties in the trial of Timothy Verrill that Juror #10 had called out sick that morning with a “debilitating illness” and they would need to bring in an alternate.

timothy verrill appears in court

Timothy Verrill appears in court Tuesday, April 9, 2024. (Court TV)

Juror #10, identified in court as a female, was then replaced with Juror #5. Judge Howard assured the other jurors that the illness was not contagious. He then instructed the jurors to restart their deliberations so the “alternative juror has a full and fair opportunity to review the evidence and obtain the benefit of the views and opinions of each juror.”

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Prior to Tuesday’s proceedings, the jury had been deliberating for nearly twelve hours over three days. They asked one question on Monday regarding the definition of the word “cause,” when applied to the question of whether Verrill caused the deaths of the victims.

Verrill, 41, is charged with murder in the deaths of Jenna Pellegrini and Christine Sullivan, who were killed in 2017. Verrill initially stood trial in Oct. 2019, but a mistrial was declared midway through the state’s case-in-chief after it was determined that there were a significant number of discovery violations.

Verrill’s second trial began March 19 with opening statements. The jury was given the case on April 3.