Timothy Verrill

Timothy Verrill is accused of brutally murdering two women, one of whom he worked for as part of a drug operation.

timothy verrill appears in court
A jury deliberated for more than four hours before returning a verdict for Timothy Verrill, who was charged with brutally murdering two women.
timothy verrill appears in court
timothy verrill appears in court
graphic of timothy verrill and victims
prosecutor delivers closing arguments
defense attorney shows photo to the jury
text messages are displayed on a projector in court
jason parker testifes
Suzanne Verrill testifies
Jeffrey Verrill testifies
Dr. Thomas Andrews
Jeremy Colwell on cross-examination.
Joshua Colwell is cross examined.
Joshua Colwell, former drug associate of victim Christine Sullivan, takes the stand.
Booking photo of Timothy Verrill
timothy verrill trial graphic
Timothy Verrill appears in court
court evidence of timothy verrill