NJ v. BARISONE: Former Olympian On Trial

Posted at 2:11 PM, March 29, 2022 and last updated 2:04 PM, June 22, 2023

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (Court TV) — A verdict has been reached in the case of a former Olympian on trial for the attempted murder of a promising dressage rider and her fiancé.

Michael Barisone, who was accused of shooting Lauren Kanarek and attempting to shoot Robert Goodwin on Aug. 7, 2019, was found not guilty by reason of insanity on the charges related to Kanarek. Barisone was acquitted of the charges related to Goodwin.


After the verdict was read, Judge Taylor announced that Barisone will be civilly committed, and health care professionals will determine if he poses a threat to the community or himself, if he requires hospitalization or can be released to the community under certain conditions. That examination will require 30 days.

The judge also scheduled a hearing for May 17 at 9 a.m. It will be a closed proceeding because it is not a murder case.

Authorities say Barisone shot Kanarek twice in the chest at his upscale equestrian farm following a 2019 dispute. Barisone then allegedly tried to shoot Goodwin, who tackled him to the ground.

Kanarek called 9-1-1 as Goodwin reportedly held Barisone down. A criminal complaint says as Barisone was taken from the scene, he was “overheard repeating ‘I had a good life’ multiple times.”

Kanarek and Goodwin lived on Barisone’s property while she underwent training. Police say there were multiple calls of “landlord-tenant related issues” over the months leading up to the incident, according to the complaint.

Barisone was part of the 2008 Olympic team and previously coached Olympians, reports The Associated Press.