Serial sex-offender sentenced to life in prison

Posted at 1:15 PM, December 21, 2022 and last updated 4:45 PM, May 2, 2023

By Wilson Truong

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSHB) — A Kansas City man who is a repeat sex-offender has officially been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for sexually abusing two girls

Brian K. Keeling (Platte County Sheriff’s Office)

Brian K Keeling, 55, was sentenced Dec. 16 in Platte County after being found guilty on two counts of first degree statutory sodomy and one count of second degree statutory sodomy.

According to Platte County Prosecution Office, Keeling took two underage girls to his house in the summer of 2021, where he sexually abused both of them.

This is not the first time Keeling has faced convictions related to underage children. Keeling previously was convicted of rape on two separate occasions in 1995 and 2003.

He was sentenced to jail in 2003 for seven years but was released in 2006.

Keeling was found guilty in August of the charges.

This story was originally published Dec. 19 by KSHB in Kansas City, an E.W. Scripps Company.