The Court TV Podcast Episode 60

Posted at 8:47 AM, October 8, 2020 and last updated 11:36 PM, September 19, 2022

When Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced there would be no charges against the police officers related to the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, the public backlash was severe. So much in fact, Cameron agreed to do something unprecedented – release audio of the grand jury audio testimony that led to that decision.

Breonna Taylor Case – Grand Jury Audio Released

Court TV’s Julia Jenae has listened to all fifteen hours of testimony and will join us to share what she has learned. Should the officers be facing homicide charges? Criminal defense attorney and friend of the podcast Ecleynne Mercy thinks so and will tell host Vinnie Politan why. Plus Vinnie will explain why attacks on Daniel Cameron are unfair. Get the latest updates on and catch Vinnie and the entire team live weeknights 8-11pm on Court TV Live.

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