Austin Ford

Austin Ford was tried twice for the shooting death of his friend, Tori Lang, but both trials ended with a deadlocked jury.

a man and woman sit in court
A woman in a striped shirt and blue jacket sits at a microphone in court
Austin Ford
Austin Ford in court.
Austin Ford
tori lang portrait
austin ford appears in court
Judge rules on directed verdict
Detective testifies on cross
Medical examiner in Austin Ford case does a demonstration in court.
Defense opening statements in GA v. Austin Ford.
Prosecution openings in GA v. Austin Ford.
Attorney Lawrence Lewis speaks to the camera
Partial verdict is read in GA v. Austin Ford.
Background: park with crime scene tape, inset: photo of Tori Lang
Austin Ford and his defense attorney sit in court
Austin Ford and attorneys in court.
prosecution closing argument in austin ford trial

Best Friend Murder Trial: Day 3

On day 3 in the trial of Austin Ford, the jury heard closing arguments and began deliberations. Ford is accused of killing Tori Lang in... More

April 28, 2023

judge and attorneys sit in courtroom