Dan Howard

Ex-Idaho trooper Dan Howard is charged with first-degree murder and domestic battery in the death of his estranged wife, Kendy Howard.

Julie Grant with a picture of Kendy Howard on the monitor.
dan howard appears in court
A jury deliberated for over eight hours before returning a verdict for Dan Howard, an ex-trooper accused of killing his wife, Kendy Howard.
Julie Grant with Dan Howard and Kenly Howard on the monitor behind her.
defense attorney delivers closing argument
prosecutor delivers closing argument
attorney speaks to judge
Daniel Howard's new mug shot.
dan howard mugshot
witness testifies
Wyatt Howard testifies
Chris McCullough testified in ocurt
Dan Howard's father, John, is cross examined in the Jealous Ex-Trooper Murder Trial, where his son Dan is accused of killing his estranged wife.
John Howard, ex-Idaho trooper Dan Howard's father takes the stand.
screenshot from bodyworn camera footage of Deputy Ben Wheeler
Daniel Howard called 911 to report that his wife shot herself, but investigations led police to believe gunshot wound was not self inflicted.
Ex-Idaho Trooper Daniel Howard is charged with first-degree murder.
Daniel Howard mugshot