Gareth Pursehouse

Pursehouse listens to verdict
A man wearing a suit without a tie sits in a courtroom looking down
A woman in a pink jacket speaks in court
A woman in a gray suit addresses the court
A man in a suit gestures in court
Robert Coshland, Amie Harwick's friend, testifies in court
a text message exchange is seen on a cell phone
Two men are seen during jail visitation on a recording
a man with white hair and goatee speaks to a reporter off camera
A photo shows a carpet inside of a home
A woman sits behind plexiglass and a microphone in court
still from bodycamera footage shows a man being arrested
a still frame from bodyworn camera shows a bathroom
A man in a fire dept uniform speaks into the microphone from the witness stand
A woman covers her face as she cries on the witness stand
splitscreen shows gareth pursehouse and amie harwick
exhibit in gareth pursehouse trial
exterior of a house
Judge speaks from the bench
A man in suit and tie sits behind plexiglass and a microphone