Letecia Stauch

The latest legal news in the case against Letecia Stauch, a Colorado woman accused of killing her 11-year-old stepson, Gannon Stauch.

Psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis testifies in the trial of letecia stauch
video of letecia stauch being interviewed by a psychiatrist is shown on a screen in court
Letecia Stauch mugshot

Stepmother Murder Trial: Day 18

Defense calls first witnesses. Stauch isn't sure if she's going to testify. Stauch blames the murder of her stepson on an alleged multiple personalities. More

May 3, 2023

Dr. Dorothy Lewis testifies in the letecia stauch trial
Dr. Dorothy Lewis testifies in the trial of Letecia Stauch
Letecia Stauch appears in court for a hearing
State rests in CO v. Stauch
Letecia Stauch in court

Stepmother Murder Trial: Day 17

Letecia Stauch's web searches around the time Gannon Stauch died included paying for a fake polygraph and when a body starts to decompose in a... More

May 2, 2023

Gannon Stauch and Letecia Stauch combination photo
inset, upper left: photo of letecia stauch. Kevin Clark testifies with a graphic on the screen behind him.
Letecia Stauch talks to a forensic psychologist.
Letecia Stauch booking photo
Judge in Stauch case reprimands defendant.
Letecia Stauch trial proceedings day 15

Stepmother Murder Trial: Day 15

On day 15 in the trial of Letecia Stauch, the jury heard testimony about competency evaluations performed on the defendant. More

April 27, 2023

Letecia Stauch appears in court for a hearing
Dr. Leondra Torres testifies as a video of Letecia Stauch plays i the background
Dr. Jackie Grimmett testifies in the Letecia Stauch trial
dr. christine mohr testifies in letecia stauch trial
Letecia Stauch sits in court