Maya Kowalski

Banner of Maya Kowalski In a case made famous by the Netflix documentary 'Take Care of Maya,' the Kowalski family is suing Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital after they say the hospital held Maya prisoner as a child, causing her mother to take her own life.

Chanley interviews JHACH lawyer Ethen Shapiro.
Kowalski attorney talks to Chanley and Kelly.
Judge addresses attorneys
Gregory Anderson's rebuttal closing argument in the Kowalski case.
Hospital attorney Ethan Shapiro delivers closings in Kowlski trial.
Gregory Anderson's closing arguments in Kowalskki case.
Maya Kowalski walks out of court during defense closings.
Maya's brother Kyle Kowalski during closings.
Kowalski attorney delivers closings.
split screen of judge and defense attorney
Maya Kowalski on the stand
Photos show Maya Kowalski out with friends
Maya Kowalski sits with a boy in a limo
Dr. Randell Alexander
Kelly Thatcher testifies in court
Cathy Bedy testifies in court
Cathy Bedy sits on the witness stand
taped deposition of Elizabeth Byrne
Gregory Anderson speaks to the camera
Sally Smith (left) Susan Constantine (right)