Maya Kowalski

Banner of Maya Kowalski In a case made famous by the Netflix documentary 'Take Care of Maya,' the Kowalski family is suing Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital after they say the hospital held Maya prisoner as a child, causing her mother to take her own life.

Sally Smith during proffer
Sally Smith testifies
Sally Smith testifies
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital exterior.
Bottles of ketamine.
Dr. Paola Dees testifies in court
maya kowalski testifies
split screen showing attorneys and gallery in court and judge
split screen showing stephanie graham and jack kowalski with text overlaid
Johanna Klink
Dr. Sally Smith appears in a deposition
A woman in glasses wearing a pink shirt testifies
Beata Kowalski and Maya Kowalski.
Psychiatrist Dr. Scott Richards
Maya Kowalski cries into a tissue on the witness stand
A woman holds her hand to her mouth while she sits in a chair
Exterior of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.
A woman appears on camera in front of a window
Dr. Kirkpatrick, who diagnosed Maya Kowalski with CRPS.
Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick testifies on behalf of the Kowalski family.