Maya Kowalski

Banner of Maya Kowalski In a case made famous by the Netflix documentary 'Take Care of Maya,' the Kowalski family is suing Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital after they say the hospital held Maya prisoner as a child, causing her mother to take her own life.

split screen shows maya kowalski testifying and her attorney asking questions
a woman holds her hands to her face as she cries in court
Maya Kowalski describes her pain.
Maya Kowalski on the stand.
Jack Kowalski re-takes the stand.
A woman who has CRPS explains the condition.
Former American Idol finalist Syesha talks to Court TV.
stills from surveillance videos show a girl in a hospital bed
A man in a suit sits on the witness stand
A man in a gray suit with a pink tie testifies in court
A physical therapist is shown helping a child to stand upright
A man in a tie sits in front of a monitor and testifies in court
A man in a suit and a young blonde woman speak to the camera
A blonde woman sits on the witness stand
a young man in a suit testifies in court
A man in a beard and suit sits in court
a sad blonde woman sits in court

‘Take Care of Maya Trial’: Day 1

The jury heard opening statements as the Kowalski family sues Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital for a case that led to a documentary. More

September 21, 2023

Attorney Gregory Anderson, representing the Kowalski family, delivers the plaintiff's opening statement.
Howard Hunter delivers the defense opening statement.
Family photo of father, mother and two children