Scot R Peterson

Former Broward Co. Deputy Scot R. Peterson was acquitted on all counts on charges related to the Parkland School Shooting, where he was accused of hiding rather than confronting Nikolas Cruz.

Scot Peterson sits in court during his trial.
ana ramos testifies in scot peterson trial

Parkland School Cop Trial: Day 5

On day 5, Ana Ramos testified that defendant Scot Peterson ordered the 'code red' over the school's radio, directing everyone to seek cover. More

June 14, 2023

Brett Schroy testifies in Scot Peterson trial

Parkland School Cop Trial: Day 4

Officers testified in the trial of Scot Peterson that their training taught them to run toward gunfire, even if you can't tell where it's coming... More

June 13, 2023

Kyle Laman reacts as surveillance video of the massacre is played in court
Scot R. Peterson and his attorney listen to the opening statements
Scot Peterson defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh delivers openings
Steven Klinger delivers the prosecution's opening statement in the trial of school resource officer Scot R. Peterson
Scot Peterson stands with his attorney in court during jury selection.
Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School School Resource Officer Scot Peterson stands in court.