Timothy and Tracy Ferriter

Banner of Tim and Tracy Ferriter Timothy and Tracy Ferriter were charged with child abuse after allegedly locking their adopted teenage son in an 8x8 enclosure in their garage.

Tim Ferriter addresses the court during sentencing
Ferriter listens to verdict.
Ferriter GFX guilty.
Tim Ferriter sits in court
Tim Ferriter appears in handcuffs
A man is handcuffed in court
A woman sits with her hand over her face
split screen showing a man in court and a man on zoom
split screen showing tim ferriter being led away in custody and julia jenae interviewing an attorney
Julia Jenae interviews prosecutors
Ferriter listens to verdict.
split screen of tim ferriter standing with his attorneys and the judge
Julie Grant delivers her Opening Statement in front of the Opening Statements GFX.
A man whispers to a woman while sitting in court
Graphic of Tim Ferriter charges.

Boy in a Box Trial: Day 6

State in Boy in a Box Trial says Ferriter's actions were criminal abuse fueled by anger; defense says he was a dad trying to teach... More

October 12, 2023

a photo shows construction in a home
ring camera shows a man installing the camera
Tim Ferriter looks ahead in court
split screen showing Tim Ferriter and his attorney