Timothy and Tracy Ferriter

Banner of Tim and Tracy Ferriter Timothy and Tracy Ferriter were charged with child abuse after allegedly locking their adopted teenage son in an 8x8 enclosure in their garage.

split screen showing prosecutor and tim ferriter
Tim Ferriter announces he won't testify.
Tim Ferriter in court on Oct. 10.

Boy in a Box Trial: Day 5

Forensic psychologist in Boy in a Box case says Ferriters' conduct wasn't malicious but they did not handle the situation appropriately. More

October 11, 2023

A man whispers to a woman while sitting in court
split screen of a woman on the left and a man on the right sitting in court
Forensic psychologist Dr. Sheila Rapa discusses Ferriter.
Ferriter in court

Boy in a Box Trial: Day 4

Recap of Day 4 in the case of Timothy Ferriter, who allegedly locked his son in an 8X8 box in the Florida family's garage. More

October 9, 2023

a still from surveillance video shows the interior of a small room
a woman appears on a monitor as she testifies in court
Timothy Ferriter and his attorney watch videos played in court
Psychiatrist Dr. Wade Myers.

Boy in a Box Trial: Day 3

Day 3 of testimony centered on the psychiatry of the case. Dr. Wade Myers testified that there's no excuse to confine a child in an... More

October 6, 2023

Dr. Wade Myers and Tim Ferriter.
Timothy Ferriter listens to RF's testimony.

Boy in a Box Trial: Day 2

Alleged victim RF describes his daily routine while he was allegedly kept in an 8X8 box in Timothy and Tracy Ferriter's garage. More

October 5, 2023

Julia Jenae talks about Ferriter case.
Defense cross-examines Ferriter's son.
Ferriter listens to adopted son's testimony.
timothy ferriter sits with his hand to his face in court
8x8 room built in garage
Timothy Ferriter sits in court

The Boy in the Box Trial: Day 1

Timothy Ferriter's defense emphasized that his poor parenting was the result of a difficult situation as his adopted daughter took the stand. More

October 3, 2023

Tim Ferriter looks down