Civil Lawsuits

Civil cases refer to legal disputes between two or more parties stemming from non-criminal matters, such as contract or property disputes, personal injury claims, or family law matters like divorce and child custody.

A woman holds her hand to her mouth while she sits in a chair
Exterior of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.
A woman appears on camera in front of a window
Dr. Kirkpatrick, who diagnosed Maya Kowalski with CRPS.
Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick testifies on behalf of the Kowalski family.
split screen shows maya kowalski testifying and her attorney asking questions
a woman holds her hands to her face as she cries in court
Maya Kowalski describes her pain.
Maya Kowalski on the stand.
Jack Kowalski re-takes the stand.
A woman who has CRPS explains the condition.
Former American Idol finalist Syesha talks to Court TV.
stills from surveillance videos show a girl in a hospital bed
A man in a suit sits on the witness stand
A man in a gray suit with a pink tie testifies in court
sean and leigh anne tuohy, michael oher combo
A physical therapist is shown helping a child to stand upright
A man in a tie sits in front of a monitor and testifies in court
A man in a suit and a young blonde woman speak to the camera
A blonde woman sits on the witness stand