Civil Lawsuits

Civil cases refer to legal disputes between two or more parties stemming from non-criminal matters, such as contract or property disputes, personal injury claims, or family law matters like divorce and child custody.

graphic of beach settlement terms
Still from surveillance video in a convenience store
Photos as seen on Shein's website.
Attorney Mark Tinsley, who represents Mallory Beach's family.
hampton county courthouse exterior
polariod-esque photos hang from a line showing the murdaughs
close up of amber heard's profile
police cruiser with sign for marjory stoneman douglas high school
Vinnie Politan speaks to Beach family attorney Mark Tinsley.
Aretha Franklin singing back in 2008.
Christine Baumgartner, right, and Kevin Costner, left
Kouri Richins appears for a bail hearing
submersible vessel named Titan
closeup of alex murdaugh
Alex Murdaugh booking photo
Photo of damaged boat
photo of Gabby petito and Brian Laundrie
Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito
photo of gabby petito and brian laundrie