Missing Persons

These are the cases when an individual disappears without a trace, prompting an investigation into their whereabouts, typically involving witness statements, forensic evidence and other facts to find out what happened and whether foul play was involved.

Quiles in court on 9/20/23.
people sit inside of a courtroom
Crystal Rogers
split screen with surveillance video on the left and a man in a police uniform sitting in an office on the right
portrait of rachel morin holding a beverage
rachel morin suspect
diana cojocari and christopher palmiter mugshots
Heuermann on NYC street.
Heuermann house on Long Island.
Photo of Girly Chew from Tamron Hall show.
Matt Johnson at Gilgo Beach.
Shannan Gilbert in an undated family photo.
Larry Millete arraignment
Madalina Cojocari missing person photo
Jacob Bumpass walks into court
Michael Turney speaks to the camera, wearing a blue collared shirt
Former Covington detective Bryan Frodge choked back tears while on the stand Wednesday
Michael Turney speaks to the camera
Photo of Sarah and Alissa Turney
Carlee Russell appears cross-legged and smiling in a photo wearing a pink dress