Missing Persons

These are the cases when an individual disappears without a trace, prompting an investigation into their whereabouts, typically involving witness statements, forensic evidence and other facts to find out what happened and whether foul play was involved.

Photo of Stephan Sterns
Michelle Troconis appears in court
Michelle Troconis and her attorneys listen to verdict.
photo of a smiling girl next to a man walking in white jumpsuit
Photo of Harmony Montgomery
elijah vue graphic
photo of elijah vue
Michelle Troconis sits in court
Jury deliberations began on Tuesday in the Missing Mom Conspiracy Trial.
evidence in the trial of michelle troconis
michelle troconis appears in court
Evidence presented during the state's closing argument
Julie Grant at the anchor desk with a splitscreen of Harmony and Adam Montgomery on the monitor.
Benjamin Agati shows a mugshot of Adam Montgomery to a witness
The family of Gabby Petito have reached an agreement with the family of Brian Laundrie and will avoid a civil trial.
Two side by side photos of Audrii Cunningham
A woman smiles on the witness stand
Missing child poster featuring Harmony Montgomery wrapped around a pole.
photo of harmony montgomery shown in court