Missing Persons

These are the cases when an individual disappears without a trace, prompting an investigation into their whereabouts, typically involving witness statements, forensic evidence and other facts to find out what happened and whether foul play was involved.

combo image of Adam and harmony montgomery
A trial date has been set for all three suspects facing charges in connection to the 2015 disappearance of Crystal Rogers.
Harmony Montgomery's biological daughter, Crystal Sorey, testifies.
Adam Montgomery, 34, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his five-year-old daughter, Harmony.
Adam Montgomery is escorted into court
Pawel Gumienny testifies in court
prosecutor writes on noteboard
Harmony Montgomery next to a picture of Minnie Mouse.
Adam Montgomery is facing charges that he murdered his daughter, Harmony Montgomery.
Holly Bobo
Fiber Analyst Anita Vailonis testifies.
Holly Bobo
combo image of cassidy ritchie and wrecked car
Michelle Troconis police interrogation video
video of a police interrogation
split screen of surveillance video showing police interrogation
handwritten note
handwriting on paper
Prosecutor and witness handle evidence in court
Evidence photo of bloody bra