Missing Persons

These are the cases when an individual disappears without a trace, prompting an investigation into their whereabouts, typically involving witness statements, forensic evidence and other facts to find out what happened and whether foul play was involved.

rachel morin smiles in a photograph
booking photo of Brooks Houck
split screen showing charlotte sena on one side and callahan walsh on the other
photo of smiling Charlotte Sena
Charlotte Sena
Johnathan Quiles in court
Charlotte Sena
Charlotte Sena
Suzanne Morphew
investigators search Colorado
split screen showing Brooks Houck and Crystal Rogers
a still from police video shows Brandon Houck's interrogation
Reward poster
Kamar Humphrey, Iyana Sawyer's neighbor.
Former NFL player Charlie Batch talks Sergio Brown.
sergio brown appears in instagram video
Sergio Brown speaks during an NFL event
A bearded man wears blue while testifying in court
Quiles in court on 9/20/23.
people sit inside of a courtroom