Maya Millete’s family planning new searches

Posted at 8:17 PM, January 8, 2024

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (Scripps News San Diego) — Maya Millete‘s family and friends gathered in prayer, asking God to find Maya and bring her home to her three children.

Photo of Maya Millete with candles

Family held a vigil for Maya Millete on Jan. 7, 2024. (Perla Shaheen/Scripps News San Diego)

“If we come together in prayer then God’s going to pour his spirit and strengthen and encourage the family,” said, Norma Toothman, a close friend of the family,

The prayer session took place at Mount San Miguel Park at sunset. Toothman said the time and place are symbolic.

“Maya’s birthday was May 1,” Toothman said. “So it’s important for us to kick start the prayer at 5:01 p.m.”

The park is also important as it is located next to Millete’s residence and served as the initial search site when she went missing exactly three years ago.

“It’s more meaningful to the family and also the community that we gather at the same place where it all began,” Toothman said.

The community is still searching.

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Three years ago, in the same year of Millete’s disappearance, her husband, Larry Millete, was arrested by Chula Vista Police on charges of first-degree murder. He has pleaded not guilty and continues to be held in custody without bail.

a man in a mask and wearing headphones looks at the camera in court

This image from video shows Larry Millete at a bond hearing on Nov, 4, 2021, in South Bay, Calif. (Scripps News San Diego)

His latest court appearance was on Monday, where a judge assessed the progress of the case. The trial for Larry Millete is set for August 26.

“Larry did a lot to postpone this and I think it’s time for it to stop. Let’s get this going,” said Melissa Noland, who has been part of the search efforts from the start

Like many other volunteers, Noland doesn’t know the family but just wants to help.

“Everybody that’s here is here because they have something good within them,” Noland said.

The family is looking for cadaver dogs to help them search for Millete in the desert this month. Those willing to help are encouraged to reach out via email at [email protected].

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