In some cases of assault and murder, the defendant claims they had no choice but to act to protect themselves or others.

Catherine Tiffany Durham sits on the witness stand
Detective Luis Rodrigues testifies as he is questioned by Christine Long, Zachary Latham at counsel table
Detective Ocasio testifies in Zachary Latham trial
Members of the Durham family confront Zachary Latham
Dr. Albert Williams testifies in court
Gage Durham sits on the witness stand
Gage Durham (left) testifies in court as prosecutor Caitlin Flynn questions him and Zachary Latham sits at the counsel table.
Zachary Latham in court
Prosecutor Caitlyn Flynn addresses jurors (left), Zachary Latham sits in court (right)
Zachary Latham is accused in the stabbing death of his neighbor.
Kyle Rittenhouse looks over his shoulder in court
kyle rittenhouse waives on stage