In some cases of assault and murder, the defendant claims they had no choice but to act to protect themselves or others.

Ashley Benefield appears in court.
ashley benefield appears in court
Ashley Benefield appears in court
split screen with Tommie Benefield on the left and Ashley Benefield on the right
Ashley Benefield sits in court
evidence photo of ashley benefield shown in court
stephanie murphy testifies during ashley benefield hearing
stephanie murphy testifies during ashley benefield hearing
Tommie Benefield, cousin of victim Douglas Benefield, testified during an immunity hearing
Ashley Benefield stands in court with her attorney
Jordan Neely impersonating Michael Jackson.
Daniel Penny arrives for his arraignment
A man and woman stand in front of an American Flag background.
A signed letter with a staement from Ryelee's family
Photo shows people praying in a courtroom
William Zelenski testifies in court
William Zelenski smiles as he testifies on the witness stand
photos of April Zelenski (left), William Zelenski and Tiffany Powell (right)
William Zelenski holds a tissue as he becomes emotional on the stand.
Daniel Penny, center, is walked by New York Police Department detectives