In some cases of assault and murder, the defendant claims they had no choice but to act to protect themselves or others.

Hannah Payne stands in court during sentencing
A man in a suit speaks at a lectern
Hannah Payne cries in court
A woman testified in court
Chanley Painter walks with Hannah Payne's attorney
split screen of cell phone video and Hannah Payne
Hannah Payne testifies in court
Hannah Payne testifies in court
still from cell phone video shows a confrontation
splitscreen of women emotional on the witness stand
Teaunna McCranny testifies
a woman cries on the witness stand
Hannah Payne sits in court
photo of Hannah Payne
Courtney Clenney
GFX of Kyle Rittenhouse's book cover.
Cover of Kyle Rittenhouse's book.
Curtis Reeves
Courtney Clenney w/ Julie show GFX