In some cases of assault and murder, the defendant claims they had no choice but to act to protect themselves or others.

A woman stands, demonstrating in court
quaneesha johnson appears in court
quaneesha johnson appears in court
Defense attorney Michael STerling delivers his opening statement in the case against Quaneesha Johnson.
Prosecutor delivers opening statement in GA v. Quaneesha Johnson.
Quaneesha Johnson mugshot and affidavit
Ashley Pearson
Emotional woman holds her hands to her face
Blonde woman testifies in court
ashley pearson stand your ground hearing
Ashley Pearson in court.
Ashley Benefield leans over as she speaks to her attorney during a hearing.
Photograph of Ashley Benefield
Eva Benefield outside court
Ashley Benefield appears in court.
ashley benefield appears in court
Ashley Benefield appears in court
split screen with Tommie Benefield on the left and Ashley Benefield on the right
Ashley Benefield sits in court
evidence photo of ashley benefield shown in court