In some cases of assault and murder, the defendant claims they had no choice but to act to protect themselves or others.

A man holds his eyes as he cries on the stand
A woman testifies in court
The video shows the fight break out between Nicholae Miu and two groups, and ends with screaming and someone yelling,
Steven Kaufman, the River's Edge campground owner takes the stand in the Apple River Stabbings Trial.
photos show a man fighting with a woman in the water
stills from video show a group in the water
border patrol agent testifies in court
George Alan Kelly is accused of killing a Mexican citizen on his property.
The panel discuss George Kelly, who's accused of fatally shooting a Mexican citizen and whether his personal views may impact his trial.
George Kelly is standing trial for fatally shooting a Mexican citizen who was found dead on his ranch just outside the U.S.-Mexico border.
Splitscreen of Courtney Clenney and her attorney.
Courtney Clenney Booking Photo/Sabrina Puglisi
Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli (left) Michael Haggard (right)
Chrystul Kizer is escorted into court
Screenshot of Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli arguing.
Sabrina Puglisi
Booking photos of Ryan Lindler Jr and Ryan Lindler Sr.
Hannah Payne stands in court during sentencing
A man in a suit speaks at a lectern
Hannah Payne cries in court