From the Bench: A judge’s perspective on the NFL Player Rape Trial

Posted at 1:14 PM, August 4, 2023

By: Judge Ashley Willcott

Three Things I want to say to you about OH vs. Josh Sills: NFL Player Rape Trial, from my perspective as a judge:

1. One of the charges against the defendant is rape, the other is kidnapping. It always boils down to this in a rape case: Was it consensual or nonconsensual? That’s what this jury will have to decide.

2. Much of this case hinges on pictures, physical evidence and the nurses report. We know the judge said there were some enhanced photos that are not scientifically reliable. Those are not going to come in. I agree with his decision, but that means the state lost some evidence that it otherwise could have presented.

3. Will a juror be affected by overhearing some negative things about the defendant while serving jury duty? The judge said, “Are you able to be objective?” The juror said “yes.” As a result, that individual is still on the jury.

Now, I personally, out of an abundance of caution, would have excused that juror and instead brought in an alternate.


This is my opinion From the Bench… stay tuned for the verdict!

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