Judge bars one friend of Jackson Mahomes from talking to him, citing ties to victim

Posted at 4:40 PM, May 16, 2023 and last updated 4:41 PM, May 16, 2023

By: Lily O’Shea Becker

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Scripps News Kansas City) — One of Jackson Mahomes‘ friends was denied permission to have contact with him during a bond modification hearing Tuesday in which Mahomes requested no-contact orders for four of his friends be thrown out in his aggravated sexual battery and battery case.

Jackson Mahomes walks outside of the courthouse

Jackson Mahomes walks outside of the courthouse ahead of a bond modification hearing. (Brian Lutton/KSHB)

The order comes one day after an affidavit revealed new details regarding the alleged incidents that led to the arrest of social media influencer Mahomes on May 3.

Mahomes faces three counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of battery related to alleged incidents at a restaurant on Feb. 25.

Since posting a $100,000 bond on the same day he was arrested, Mahomes requested a bond modification that would allow him to talk to four of his friends who were given no-contact orders because of their statuses as witnesses in the case.

The state of Kansas objected to one of his friends, who is the former stepdaughter of one of the alleged victims, having contact with Mahomes.

During the hearing, Judge Thomas M. Sutherland granted three of the four friends permission to talk with Mahomes — under the condition they do not discuss the case with Mahomes — but denied permission for the fourth witness who had familial ties to the alleged victims.

The state argued she should not have contact with Mahomes because one of the alleged victims was a “mother figure” to her.

The friend told Judge Sutherland that Mahomes and her are “best friends” and that it has been hard for her to not have contact with him during this time.

She also said she hasn’t talked to her former stepmom, referring to her as “the victim,” since the alleged incident.

The state argued for their objection by stating someone — not Mahomes — tried to influence witnesses on the night of the event.

A newly released affidavit details Mahomes allegedly grabbing the owner of the restaurant by the throat three times, forcibly kissing her, and accounts a separate incident on the same night in which Mahomes allegedly pushed a restaurant employee.

On Feb. 25, Overland Park Police Department dispatched to Aspen’s Restaurant & Lounge after the father of a restaurant employee reported his son had been shoved by Mahomes earlier that evening, per the affidavit.

Mahomes was allegedly in a staff-only room of the restaurant when the restaurant employee went to retrieve his water bottle.

As the employee tried to enter the room, Mahomes allegedly pushed him two times and told him to leave or get out, per the affidavit.

Three people witnessed the incident. One witness recalls Mahomes’ arm extending toward the employee, but could not recall if physical contact was made, while the other said no physical contact was made.

Another witness, identified as a restaurant employee, was outside the room at this time and witnessed Mahomes push the victim.

Police were able to verify one of the witnesses’ accounts via video surveillance, although it is unclear whose account was confirmed because the names are redacted in the report.

Per the affidavit, Mahomes tried apologizing to the restaurant employee, but said that he “shouldn’t have to tell (the employee) twice to leave a room.” Mahomes also allegedly told the employee that if he is in a room of the restaurant, that room is off-limits.

While investigating the battery, the restaurant owner, whose former stepdaughter was denied permission to talk with Mahomes in Tuesday’s hearing, told police they previously had kicked Mahomes out of the restaurant before.

The restaurant owner also told police that Mahomes allegedly grabbed her by the neck and forcibly kissed her three times that same night.

She said Mahomes told her he needed to speak with her in an office room within the restaurant. After entering the office, Mahomes allegedly closed the door, grabbed her by the throat, which forced her head back, and forcibly kissed her, without consent.

The victim pushed Mahomes away, and approximately 30 seconds later he allegedly repeated the assault. Again, the restaurant owner allegedly pushed Mahome away, according to the report. Mahomes then allegedly repeated the act a third time.

Mahomes told the alleged victim to not tell anyone, according to the report.

Following the alleged aggravated sexual battery, the restaurant owner told two restaurant servers about the assault and showed them visible marks on her neck from Mahomes allegedly grabbing her throat. The owner also told her boyfriend about the incident, where the boyfriend requested Mahomes and his friends to leave.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 31, 2023, and the witness who was denied permission to speak with Mahomes is required to attend the hearing in person.

This story was originally published on May 16, 2023, by KSHB in Kansas City, an E.W. Scripps Company.