New York vs. Harvey Weinstein: Trial Timeline

Posted at 7:15 AM, March 11, 2020 and last updated 7:37 PM, May 17, 2023


UPDATED 2/25/20

The jury reached a verdict at approximately 11:30 PM ET on Monday, Feb 24, the fifth day of deliberations. They found Harvey Weinstein guilty on two counts:

  • Criminal sexual act in the first degree (Haleyi) – [a class B felony, 5 to 25 years]
  • Rape in third-degree (Mann) – [a class E felony 1.5 to 4 years]

Weinstein, 67, was remanded into custody and led out of the courtroom by officers. He will reside at Rykers Island, facing up to 25 years in prison. His next scheduled court appearance for sentencing in New York is March 11. He also faces additional rape charges in Los Angeles.

UPDATED 2/21/20

On the fourth day of deliberations, the jury in NY v. Weinstein told the judge they were hung on the most serious charges. Because of a predetermined end time of 3 pm ET on Friday, the jury was dismissed and will return to resume deliberations Monday, February 24.



NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 22: (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sits, surrounded by a team of defense attorneys, in a NYC courtroom on trial for rape and assault charges.

Outside the courthouse, dozens of cameras and reporters gather for a glimpse of the 67-year-old former movie producer and the many star-studded accusers either showing up to testify or support those who have made the witness list.

Cameras have been banned by the presiding judge, Supreme Court Justice James Burke. Even those reporters lucky enough to get inside the courtroom are not permitted to bring in recording devices. That means no texting, tweeting or emailing while the court is in session.

Court TV has assembled a team of reporters outside and inside the courtroom. Exclusive interviews,  courtroom sketches and official court documents are analyzed by our legal experts anchoring from a mobile studio in Manhattan and Court TV’s headquarters in Atlanta.

Court TV also added a new feature: instant replays.

Seasoned voice talent read trial transcripts, statements and exchanges verbatim in real-time as they happen. That transcript audio is then synced with highlighted images of the trial participants who are speaking and aired almost instantaneously.

After more than two weeks of jury selection and pretrial hearings, the trial officially began January 22.





  • Jan 22: Day 1
    • Prosecution and defense teams deliver opening statements
  • Jan 23: Day 2
    • Annabella Sciorra testifies
  • Jan 24: Day 3
    • Oscar Nominated actress Rosie Perez testifies Annabella Sciorra confided in her in 1993 that she thought she was raped.
    • Former Model, Kara Young is emotional recalling her observations of cuts on Sciorra’s thighs
    • Rape Trauma Expert Barbara Ziv testifies about Rape Myths
    • A private investigator testifies Weinstein wanted him to investigate a number of women who made sexual assault allegations including those of Annabella Sciorra
  • Jan 27 – Day 4
    • Complaining Witness Mimi Haleyi takes the witness stand to testify that Weinstein forced oral sex on her
    • Haleyi breaks down while describing how he pushed her down on the bed, forced his mouth on her while she was on her period
    • Haleyi concedes the day after the alleged attack she accepted a trip from Weinstein to fly to Los Angeles
    • Haleyi conceded on cross she had sex with Weinstein on July 26, two weeks after the attack – during which she “did not physically resist him”
    • She said she had no plans to sue Weinstein but agreed it was a possibility
  • Jan 28 – Day 5
    • A nervous yet determined Elizabeth Entin details 2 conversations with Complaining Witness #2 Mimi Haley to corroborate Haley’s testimony Monday. Entin was MH’s roommate in 2006 during the alleged incidents in NYC.
    • Peanut’s cute puppy picture stole the hearts of the gallery while Entin indicated the dog’s dislike for Harvey Weinstein during the first incident. According to Entin, Peanut “was chasing him around. And he was a little frightened…”  When asked if he was afraid of chihuahuas, HW responded, “Do I look like I’m afraid of chihuahuas?”
    • During the second incident, Entin tells the jury: “I said Miriam that sounds like rape. I said to call a lawyer.” Defense Attorney Donna Rotunno then makes a big deal on cross-examination about how Entin’s first thought was a lawyer, not police: “And the reason you told her to call a lawyer was because you were thinking she should sue Mr. Weinstein, correct?”
    • The jury is shown Getty photos from opening statements of Harvey Weinstein at 2004 to 2006 events and premieres
    • Outside the presence of the jury, Cheronis raises objection accusing Mimi of “relabeling” her encounter with Weinstein to appease a relationship she was in with someone else
  • Jan 29 – Day 6
    • Two highly emotional Molineux Witnesses each recount vivid incidents with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein
    • 40-year-old Dawn Dunning testified recounted 2 incidents with Harvey Weinstein. After about 8 months of a professional relationship including events and a screen test, she said Weinstein lured her into the bedroom of a hotel suite and digitally penetrated her
    • During a lackluster initial cross, Defense Attorney Arthur Aidala eventually emphasized how Dunning did not report the initial encounter in the hotel suite until July 18, 2019—even though her story had been public for 2 years
  • Jan 30 – Day 7
    • Lincoln Davies, the ex-fiancé  (or “boyfriend” as he told the jury today) of Dawn Dunning, testified as a corroborating witness recalling an evening in 2004 when Dunning was upset after a meeting with Harvey Weinstein where he answered the door in a bathrobe.
    • Maurizio Ferrigno, manager of Cipriani’s at the time Tarale Wulff worked there, nervously and uncomfortably told the jury he recalls Wulff walking upstairs with Harvey Weinstein. However, on cross, he admitted he didn’t recall “very clearly” until he met with the. DA’s office
    • Casting Director Monica Mikkleson testified about her role in casting the 2005 movie Pulse saying Bob Weinstein had final approval all of the roles
    • Partner at Boies Schiller law firm confirms Weinstein hired Black Cube investigation firm in July of 2017
  • Jan 31 – Day 8
    • The defense alleges two separate Brady Violations—one regarding Tarale Wulff’s testimony and one regarding Jessica Mann’s testimony
    • Complaining Witness Jessica Mann carries a blue stress ball and noticeably clutches it as she testifies
    • Mann describes how she met Weinstein in late 2012/early 2013. She details a blackhead covered back massage incident with HW at the Peninsular Hotel and an oral sex incident at the Montage Hotel –both in LA early 2013
    • Mann describes Weinstein’s manhood in court, obviously frustrating the defense team and defendant
    • Mann says the defendant sprung a threesome on her that ended with her crying in the bathroom and the third party woman consoling her
    • Mann tearfully describes the defendant checking into her hotel against her wishes and him leading her to his room where she alleges he raped her after slamming the door shut twice when she tried to leave
    • Mann recounts another graphic encounter with Weinstein after the alleged rape in early 2014
    • On Cross: Mann reads a note from her cell phone written after the threesome incident.  It is explicitly descriptive but written as a comedic, adventurous story – not a horrifying experience.  One male juror laughs to himself at one point.
    •   A couple of jurors yawn about an hour into Donna Rotunno’s cross-examination before Judge Burke stops for the weekend joking to jurors that they can not go to any Superbowl parties
    • Feb 3 – Day 9
      • A wailing, inconsolable Jessica Mann could not go on after almost 6 hours of grueling cross-examination by Defense Attorney Donna Rotunno
      • Mann’s emotions get the better of her while reading an email to her boyfriend in 2014, Eddie.
      • Rotunno grills Mann for “manipulating” and “lying” to HW by making him believe she wanted to be with him when really she just “wanted the benefit of what he had to offer”
      • Rotunno methodically sifts through numerous emails between Jessica Mann and Harvey Weinstein in the weeks, months, and years following the alleged rape showing a “friendly” relationship
    • Feb 4 – Day 10
        • Nude photos of Weinstein shown to the jury only
        • Mann emphatically tells jury Weinstein is her rapist
        • Emmanuella Posticcini takes the stand
    • Feb 5 – Day 11
      • 3 corroborating witnesses for Jessica Mann’s testimony take the stand, including the manager of the DoubleTree Hotel in  2013 and the casting director of Vampire Academy
      • 30-year-old Lauren Young details what happened when she was trapped in a hotel bathroom Feb. 19, 2013, as Weinstein masturbated while grabbing her breasts
      • A dress from the 2013 incident was shown to the jury; the witness says she has not washed it since the incident
      • State says it’s possible LA prosecutors will want to test dress for DNA
    • Feb 6 – Day 12
      • Molineux Witness Lauren Young completes her testimony and is corroborated by her friend Ryan Beatty
      • The State rests its case.
      • Writer/producer Paul Feldsher talks about his “close” friendship with Sciorra in the early 1990s, saying AS told him “She’d done this crazy thing with HW” and he took that to mean “she fooled around with him.”
      • Defense moves for a trial order of dismissal at the close of People’s case. Motion denied.
    • Feb 7 – Day 13
      • Dr. Elizabeth Loftus teaches the jury about how memory works describing the 3 stages of how memories are processed
      • In listing factors that can affect the acquisition of memories and the susceptibility of contamination, Loftus highlights Valium as a substance that would do that.
      • Emotion or confidence in memory is not dispositive of its accuracy.
      • Loftus admits to using media accounts about the trial to determine what parts of her research were relevant for her testimony today. (i.e. the effect of Valium on memory)
      • Illuzzi draws out on the cross that traumatic memories (the core of them) will be stronger than most memories even if the peripheral details are lost.
      • The defense brings in a Cross out expert giving forensic testimony about Mimi Haleyi’s planner from 2006
      • State upset (outside presence of the jury) that Rotunno interview with NYT “The Daily” show aired Friday morning.
    • Feb 10 – Day 14
      • Defense calls 30-year employee of 60 Gramercy Park who testified that a doorman is always on duty 24/7 no matter what
      • In 1993/94 he recalled Annabella Sciorra subleasing an apartment – she never complained of anything
      • Defense calls Talita Maia former roommate and friend of Jessica Mann.  She tells the jury Mann and Harvey Weinstein were in a relationship and Mann always spoke highly of Weinstein – he was her “spiritual soulmate”
      • On Cross, Illuzzi points out a “bitter falling out” b/w Talita and Jessica Mann in 2016
      • On Cross, Iluzzi emphasizes that Mann expressed she did not want to attend a movie premiere March 19, 2013, and told Talita how uncomfortable she was with the Italian model and that Mann told her once that Harvey Weinstein was “controlling”
      • Claudia Salinas says following Lauren Young into the suite never happened.
      • Salinas admits on cross she turned Harvey Weinstein advances down when she was 19, Weinstein would tell her to bring her good looking friends around
    • Feb 11 – Day 15
      • Defense rests.
      • State rests after a brief rebuttal of stipulated facts. No witnesses called.
      • Jury dismissed for the day to return on Thursday for closings. Told to expect to deliberate on Tuesday, Feb. 18.
    • Feb 12 – Day 16
      • Molineux Witness Lauren Young completes her testimony and is corroborated by her friend Ryan Beatty
      • The State rests its case.
      • Writer/producer Paul Feldsher talks about his “close” friendship with Sciorra in the early 1990s, saying Sciorra told him “She’d done this crazy thing with Harvey Weinstein” and he took that to mean “she fooled around with him.”
      • Defense moves for a trial order of dismissal at the close of People’s case. Motion denied.
    • Feb 13 – Day 17
      • Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi spends almost 3 hours outlining the State’s case against Harvey Weinstein
      • Illuzzi: “The defendant didn’t have to trick women into his lair. There are professional sex workers that he could have gone to without tricking women.”
      • Jolting punctuated Illuzzi moment when talking about the defense’s insinuation the accusers are after money because they hired a lawyer. “How dare he, with five lawyers sitting there from different states question these women about having a lawyer!”
      • Illuzzi: “The question isn’t if Jessica Mann made a bad decision, it’s whether or not she’s lying about it. If she’s telling the truth, she’s a victim of rape.”
      • Illuzzi theme about these crimes not being quid pro quo. “Anabella Sciorra? Tricked and surprised. Mimi Haleyi: tricked and surprised. Jessica Mann: tricked and surprised. Dawn Dunning, tricked and surprised. Tarale Wulff, tricked and surprised. Lauren Young? Tricked and surprised.”
    • Feb 14 – Court is dark.
    • Feb 17 – Court is dark.
    • Feb 18 – Day 18: Deliberations Day 1
      • Illuzzi asks that HW be remanded during deliberations because of Donna Rotunno’s op-ed piece. She also requested the jury be instructed. Judge Denies but orders defense not to speak to media until the verdict.
      • Cheronis asks for Juror 11 to be replaced with alternate 1 (older white male) due to juror’s recent book review on a French book about child abuse. She is called in and judge inquires. He denies the motion.
        • COUNTS on verdict sheet:
          • PSA (for Haley and Sciorra)
          • Criminal sexual act in the first degree
          • PSA (for Mann and Sciorra)
          • Rape in first-degree
          • Rape in third-degree
      • First juror selected is the foreperson, African American male 40s
      • Jury sends two notes
    • Feb 19 – Day 19: Deliberations Day 2
      • Jurors deliberated over six hours.
      • The jury sent three notes to the court.
      • Outside the presence of the jury, Weinstein’s defense team again petitioned to have Juror No. 11 removed for “not being candid” about the online book review.
      • Jurors heard readback testimony of Mimi Haleyi and Rosie Perez
      • The defense tried to get the court’s gag order extended to Gloria Allred; the judge denies the motion.
    • Feb 20 – Day 20: Deliberations Day 3
      • Jurors spend the entire day deliberating before sending a note at 4:20 pm, ten minutes before the end of the day.
      •  Annabella Sciorra the subject of the only jury note which asked for a readback of the actress’ cross-examination from January 23, 2020.
    • Feb 21 – Day 21: Deliberations Day 4
      • Donna Rotunno and Gloria Allred clash in court over media relations.
      • Jury halts readback of Anabella Sciorra’s cross-examination testimony with approximately 45 minutes left.
      • The judge reads deadlock charge after the jury sends a note asking if they can be hung on two charges and unanimous on three.
    • Feb 24 – Day 22: Verdict
      • The Harvey Weinstein jury reached a verdict at 11:32a after around two hours of deliberation on Monday. No notes preceded the verdict.
      • VERDICT
        • Not Guilty Predatory Sexual Assault (Haleyi & Sciorra) – [a class A-II felony, max life]
        • Guilty Criminal sexual act in the first degree (Haleyi) – [a class B felony, 5 to 25 years]
        • Not Guilty Predatory Sexual Assault (Mann & Sciorra) – [a class A-II felony, max life
        • Not Guilty Rape in the first degree (Mann) – [a class B felony 5 to 25 years]
        • Guilty Rape in third degree (Mann) – [a class E felony 1.5 to 4 years]
      • Sentencing scheduled for March 11
        • ADA Joan Illuzzi asked the court for remand.
        • Defense attorney Donna Rotunno asked for house arrest due to Weinstein’s medical condition, unsuccessful back surgery, medications and shots he gets injected into his eyes.
        • Judge Burke remanded the defendant who was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom by court officers.
        • Jurors were dismissed and exited courthouse without making any statements to media.
        • Both DA Cyrus Vance and Attorney for the accusers Gloria Allred called the conviction the signal of a “new day.”
        • Defense attorney Arthur Aidala said his team is confident appellate review of the case would be successful for Weinstein.
    • March 11: Sentencing