NV v. Pamela Bordeaux: Protective Grandmother Murder Trial

Posted at 2:28 PM, June 20, 2024

LAS VEGAS (Court TV) — A jury has found a retired Las Vegas police detective guilty in the shooting death of her former son-in-law.

60-year-old Pamela Bordeaux was convicted of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Sean Babbitt. Court documents state Bordeaux admitted to shooting Babbitt at her home during a supervised child visitation on April 22, 2019.

Pamela Bordeaux booking photo

FILE – Pamela Bordeaux (Clark County Detention Center)

Babbitt shared a child with Bordeaux’s daughter, who told officers she was upstairs with the child when she heard gunshots. Prosecutors said Babbitt was shot 10 times, calling it an “execution.”

Bordeaux’s defense claimed Babbitt was a “deviant” porn addict, and she acted in self-defense. A family member described Babbitt as a “passive person who wouldn’t hurt a fly” at a previous hearing.

Erika Carnell, Bordeaux’s daughter, testified that Babbitt was preparing to fight for joint custody at the time of the shooting.

Bordeaux is facing life in prison. A judge will determine her sentence at a hearing scheduled for Aug. 20.


DAY 6 – 6/20/24

DAY 5 – 6/18/24

DAY 4 – 6/17/24

  • The first witness for the defense was Michael Rohac, an insurance broker who originally befriended Pamela Bordeaux when they both worked at LVMPD.
    • Rohac later reconnected with Bordeaux and they’ve maintained a friendship since.
    • Rohac said Bordeaux would occasionally refer potential clients his way, including Sean Babbitt, who “Pam” felt needed life insurance when Sean and Erika had a child, Rohac testified.
  • Defendant Pamela Bordeaux took the stand

DAY 3 – 6/14/24

  • The state called 3 witnesses Thursday to close out their case. A crime scene analyst went through photos marking each piece of evidence around the victim’s body.
    • During her cross-examination she did concede that the evidence was consistent with someone shooting and backing up.
  • The state then called a DNA forensic analyst who placed Bordeaux’s DNA on the firearm at 40.4 septillion times more likely than anyone else.
  • The state’s final witness was a retired detective who oversaw the case. He testified to the motive which included a custody dispute and a possible life insurance policy claim that Erika and Pamela were the beneficiaries of. He also believes that Babbitt was shot while attempting to put his shoes on to leave the home.
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