Erica Stefanko

Erica Stefanko will be retried on charges she helped her ex-husband lure his former partner to her death.

Erica Stefanko was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Family and friends of victim Ashley Biggs addressed Erica Stefanko before her sentencing.
erica stefanko appears in court
Ashley Biggs' mother, Kimberly Biggs, reacts to the verdict.
Stefanko retrial verdict announced.
Defense Attorney Jeff Laybourne
Prosecutor Felicia Easter
Erica Stefanko on the stand.
Erica Stefanko takes the stand.
mike stefanko testifies
Michael Hitchings testifies
graphic of Kimberly Biggs picture
split screen of prosecutor and erica stefanko
Mother of victim Ashley Biggs passed out in court.
Matthew Travis testifies
Prosecutor stands at a lectern in court
Defense Attorney Jeff Laybourne delivers opening statement
Prosecutor Felicia Easter delivers opening statements
erica stefanko appears in court
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