Lori Ann Phillips

Lori Ann Phillips was acquitted of charges she hit and killed her husband and left him for dead in a snowbank outside of their home.

Lori Ann Phillips, Mark Phillips, Todd Phillips
Lori Ann Phillips and her attorney listen to the verdict
Lori Ann Phillips testifies
Prosecutor addresses the jury
Prosecutor delivers closing arguments
Defense attorney addresses the jury
Judge in Lori Phillips case tells attorneys to behave.
Lori Ann Phillips on cross-examination.
Screengrab of home security video played in court of Lori Phillips finding husband's body.
Lori Ann Phillips testifies in court
Lori Ann Phillips testifies
officer testifies in court
Judge in court
A detective testifies in court
Lori Ann Phillips
audio file with transcription text beneath
Dr. Ross reichard testifies
Lori Ann Phillip's defense attorney delivers opening statements
Prosecutor delivers opening argument in Lori Ann Phillips' trial