Love Triangles

Love can be tough enough for two, but three is a recipe for murder.

Mo Wilson's mother.
Caitlin Cash speaks at Kaitlin Armstrong sentencing.
Kaitlin Armstrong listens to the jury's verdict
Kaitlin Armstrong in court during penalty phase.
Pic of Mo Wilson on court screen during penalty phase.
Kaitlin Armstrong stands in court
Kaitlin Armstrong in court at beginning of trial.
Kaitlin Armstrong in court as verdict is read.
Kaitlin Armstrong defense attorney Geoffrey Puryear delivers closings.
Kaitlin Armstrong's defense attorney holds up Mo Wilson's bike in court.
Prosecutor Rickey Jones
Colin Strickland GFX
Photos of kaitlin armstrong, colin strickland and moriah wilson
photos of kaitlin armstrong
sketch shows kaitlin armstrong and her attorney
sketch shows Kaitlin Armstrong entering court
still from doorbell camera
three photos of cyclists
Colin Strickland leaves court
Travis County prosecutor Rickey Jones (left), defense attorney, Geoffrey Puryear (right)