Love Triangles

Love can be tough enough for two, but three is a recipe for murder.

Kaitlin Armstrong arrives in court
three photos of cyclists
a woman runs on video
A woman in a yellow sweater testifies on the witness stand
three images show a man and two women
Smiling man and woman, both wearing hats
Police in the Bahamas escort a woman in handcuffs
Man stands in court listening to verdict
Three men sit at the counsel table in court
a tree and yard are seen from doorbell camera
Photos of Kaitlin Armstrong
eric robinson sits in court at his sentencing, wearing a striped jail jumpsuit
Manuel Marin listens at his sentencing hearing.
Zachariah Anderson appears in court

Zachariah Anderson to be Sentenced

Zachariah Anderson is facing life in prison at his sentencing after a jury found him guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. More

May 16, 2023

Sheila Keen Warren pleads guilty to the second-degree murder
Jodi Arias reacts as the jury's verdict is read