What exactly is a corn rake?

Posted at 5:26 PM, September 17, 2019 and last updated 6:57 PM, July 21, 2023


Todd Michael Mullis, 43, is accused of murdering 39-year-old Amy Lynn Mullis on Nov. 10, 2018. Authorities say he killed his wife with a corn rake and left her body to be found by their then 13-year-old son on their farm in Earlville.

Delaware County’s attorney John Bernau (right) displays a corn rake to the jury during the first-degree murder trial for Todd Mullis, 43, at Dubuque County Courthouse on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019

But what is a corn rake exactly?

Similar to a pitchfork, the corn rake has four sharp, metal prongs that curl away from the handle. The rake, when dropped into corn, helps scoop the corn without having to twist or turn the handle to gather it, making it easier for the operator.

In the case of Iowa v. Todd Mullis, prosecutors say medical examiners believe the puncture wounds in Amy Mullis show the corn rake entering her body twice, at two different angles.


The defense is not saying there wasn’t a murder, only that there’s not enough evidence to prove that Todd Michael Mullis is the person who put the rake in Amy’s back.

Their son found Amy’s crouched body in a shed, with the corn rake sticking out of her. Todd reportedly removed the rake and carried her to the hospital, calling 911 on the way. She was pronounced dead at Regional Medical Center in Manchester.