Harmony Montgomery

Harmony Montgomery was 5 when she was murdered in Dec. 2019, but she wasn't reported missing for nearly two years. Her father, Adam Montgomery, is charged with her murder.

Kayla Montgomery stands with her arm raised as she is sworn in
Adam Montgomery sits in court during sentencing
Julie Grant with a picture of Harmony Montgomery on the monitor.
Adam Montgomery is sentenced after being convicted of second-degree murder, second-degree assault, falsifying physical evidence, abuse of a corpse and witness tampering, in the death of his 5-year-old daughter, Harmony Montgomery.
Victim impact statements are read in the Murder of Harmony Montgomery Trial. Prosecutors are asking a judge to send Adam Montgomery to prison for 56 years to life at his sentencing.
Julie Grant with a photo of Harmony Montgomery and her brother on the monitor.
Adam Montgomery enters sentencing.
split screen shows harmony and adam montgomery
composite photo showing Adam Montgomery in court with inset photo of Harmony Montgomery
Adam and Harmony Montgomery side by side
Adam Montgomery sits in court
Crystal Sorey dabs a tear from her eye, inset photo of Harmony Montgomery
judge and two women in courtroom
photo of harmony montgomery shown in court
Kayla Montgomery sits at a small wooden table
Kayla Montgomery wipes away a tear
Kayla Montgomery addresses the parole baord
Kayla Montgomery testifies with overlay of signed document
Photo of Harmony Montgomery
Crystal Sorey joins Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan and discusses Kayla Montgomery.