Rex Heuermann

Banner of Rex Heuermann Rex Heuermann has been charged with three murders of women whose bodies were found on Gilgo Beach. Police are continuing to investigate whether he has any connection to other women whose bodies were found in the area.

Woman speaks at podium during press conference
Heuermann first court appearance.
portrait of gilgo victim
rex heuermann and Maureen Brainard-Barnes
Rex Heuermann appears in court
Asa Ellerup and Victoria Heuermann walk through a Best Buy parking lot
Asa Ellerup and her children walk by a camera
Asa Ellerup walks through a courthouse
Rex Heuermann appears in court with his attorney. A deputy stands behind them.
Asa Heuermann sits outside her home with her children
three people side by side
surveillance still shows rex heuermann
split screen of asa ellerup and her attorney
photo of Shannan Gilbert
Photo of rex heuermann over background of gilgo beach
booking photo of rex heuermann
photo of rex heuermann and gilgo beach digging over affidavits
Rex Heuermann stands in court
Rex Heuermann
split screen showing Rex Heuermann and his attorney on the left and attorney John Ray on the right