Murder & Mayhem

Delve into the chilling realm of crime, where murder, mystery and chaos reign, and the ultimate battle for justice that follows.

Dr. Gary Utz testifies in court
Site where Abby and Libby last scene
Moselle main house.
charlie adelson
Julie Grant and Gregory Malarik's attorney, Chris Crawford.
Malarik verdict is read.
Vinnie talks about Odinism and Delphi.
Joran van der Sloot's U.S. booking photo.
a man in a shirt and tie sits in court
Lori Cutcher testifies in court
Creighton Waters cross-examines Alex Murdaugh.
A man speaks in court
Amy Shea, State Attorney
split screen with a man on the left and a woman holding a child on the right
photo of smiling elijah mcclain
Former Aurora, Colo., Police Officer Jason Rosenblatt, left, and Aurora Police Officer Randy Roedema, right, attend an arraignment at the Adams County Justice Center.