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Michael Satterfield, the son of late Murdaugh housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, takes the stand
Forensic accountant Carson Burney takes the stand outside the presence of the jury.
SLED Agent Thomas Darnell takes the stand.
blake johnson testifies
SLED firearms examiner Paul Greer takes the stand
SLED firearms examiner Paul Greer continues his testimony
mark tinsley testifies

42-SC v. Murdaugh: Shelly Smith

Shelly Smith, the caretaker for Alex Murdaugh's mother, takes the stand. Smith testifies she saw the defendant the night of the murders. More

August 3, 2023

SLED Agent Kristen Moore tesifies
William McElveen takes the stand.
Natasha Moodie takes the stand.
SLED GSR analyst Jamie Hall takes the stand.
alex murdaugh's defense team speaks in court
judge clifton newman presides
Jeannie Seckinger testifies
Jeannie Seckinger testifies
chris wilson testifies
chris wilson testifies
dwight falkofske testifies