Franklin Tucker

Franklin 'Ty' Tucker head pleaded not guilty to robbery and felony murder for a deadly stabbing at 'The Treehouse' in 2017.

Paula Belmonte testifying in court
Judge asks to be disqualified from the Treehouse Murder Triall.
split screen of franklin tucker in court and his wife Lauren Jenai
Tucker and matt johnson talk outside court
Prosecutor in Treehouse Murder Trial speaks.
franklin tucker testifies
Frankln tucker stands in court
Franklin Tucker stands in court
split screen of franklin tucker, vinnie politan and Lauren Jenai
Franklin Tucker speaks in court

Treehouse Murder Trial: Day 9 Recap

The prosecution and Franklin Tucker, who is representing himself, delivered closing arguments on the final day before deliberations begin. More

January 24, 2024

Julie Grant talking about Ty Tucker
Prosecutor David Alvarez delivers rebuttal in 'Treehouse Murder' trial.
Ty Tucker and Matt Johnson.
Defendant Franklin Tyrone Tucker delivers closing arguments.
Prosecutor Joseph Mansfield delivers his closing argument.
Franklin Tucker testifies
Franklin Tucker addresses the judge in court
Franklin Tucker on cross-examination.
Franklin Tucker on the stand.
Tyrone Tucker interviewed