Maya Kowalski

Banner of Maya Kowalski In a case made famous by the Netflix documentary 'Take Care of Maya,' the Kowalski family is suing Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital after they say the hospital held Maya prisoner as a child, causing her mother to take her own life.

maya kowalski appears in court
courtroom with judge and witness on stand
Man in blue suit testifies in court
Maya Kowalski sits with her family in court
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Maya Kowalski cries in court
typed written excerpt of motion
maya kowalski appears in court
Maya Kowalski on the stand
split screen of Michael Ayala and Gregory Anderson
Maya Kowalski speaks after the verdicts
Maya Kowalski and her brother cry in court
Greg Anderson talks to Chanley Painter
Ethen Shapiro delivers closing arguments
Gregory Anderson addresses the jury
Defense attorney speaks to jury
Gregory Anderson delivers an opening statement to the jury
Judge Carroll gesticulates in court
Maya Kowalski sobs as verdict is read.
Maya Kowalski listens to the verdict being read in court