Michelle Troconis

CT v. Michelle Troconis banner Less than two weeks after a Connecticut mother of five went missing in 2019, her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were arrested in connection with her disappearance. Prosecutors say Michelle Troconis, 49, assisted Fotis in covering up Jennifer’s murder.

Michelle Troconis appears in court
Michelle Troconis and her attorneys listen to verdict.
Michelle Troconis appears in court
Michelle Troconis sits in court
Jury deliberations began on Tuesday in the Missing Mom Conspiracy Trial.
evidence in the trial of michelle troconis
michelle troconis appears in court
Evidence presented during the state's closing argument
A woman smiles on the witness stand
gloria faber testifies
Fotis Dulos' driveway.
The jury saw more video of a police interview where Michelle Troconis changes her story.
Pawel Gumienny testifies in court
man testifies in court
Fiber Analyst Anita Vailonis testifies.
Detective Matthew Reilly was recalled to testify in the Michelle Troconis trial.
Michelle Troconis police interrogation video
video of a police interrogation
split screen of surveillance video showing police interrogation
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