CT v. Michelle Troconis: Missing Mom Conspiracy Trial

Posted at 8:32 AM, May 31, 2024

STAMFORD, Conn. (Court TV) — A judge sentenced a woman convicted of helping her boyfriend murder his estranged wife to a 20 years in prison.

In March, Michelle Troconis was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and hindering prosecution in the murder of Jennifer Dulos, whose body has never been found. On May 31, a judge sentenced Troconis to 20 years behind bars, with eligibility for parole coming after 14 1/2 years. After she is released, she will be under probation for five years.
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Michelle Troconis appears in court

Michelle Troconis appears in court Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2024. (Court TV)

Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five, was reported missing on May 24, 2019, and police investigating her case immediately noticed blood evidence at her home. Her vehicle was found abandoned on a road near a park. Nobody was inside it, but the running lights were left on and the vehicle’s transmission was in reverse. Blood spatter was noted on the passenger side of the vehicle.

In court documents, investigators said that evidence showed that Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, went to Jennifer’s home after she dropped their children off in the morning and then killed her, tied her in zip ties and put her into her own vehicle and attempted to clean the scene before driving away with her body.

While Jennifer’s body has never been found, a probate judge formally declared her dead in 2023, according to multiple reports.

Fotis was living with his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, when Jennifer disappeared. Court documents obtained by Court TV say that investigators were able to track the couple’s movements on surveillance video on the evening of May 24 driving to several trash receptacles and tossing multiple black-colored garbage bags. After retrieving the bags, officers found items ranging from gloves and a poncho to a mop handle, towels and gloves. Both Fotis and Jennifer Dulos’ DNA was on the items, and one item had Troconis’ DNA on it as well.

photos of Jennifer and Fotis Dulos

Fotis Dulos (R) was charged with murder in the disappearance of his wife, Jennifer Dulos (L). (NamUs/Erik Trautmann/Hearst Connecticut Media via AP, Pool)

Detectives said that Troconis changed details of her story multiple times, though the first time she was interviewed by police she gave information that matched, nearly verbatim, an “Alibi Script” that was found while executing a search warrant. The handwritten notes outlined Fotis and Troconis’ movements by the hour on May 24 and 25.

Fotis had been charged with murder and kidnapping for his estranged wife’s death. After posting a bond he was released from jail and took his own life at his home. He had pleaded not guilty to the charges before his death.

The day before Troconis’ trial began, Court TV received a statement from Carrie Luft, on behalf of the family and friends of Jennifer Dulos:

“It has been more than four years and seven months since Jennifer Farber Dulos was murdered and disappeared. We, her family and friends, have waited patiently, understanding that the justice process moves slowly and deliberatively, especially given the disruption of a global pandemic. We remain deeply grateful to the state’s attorney’s office, the Connecticut State Police, and the New Canaan Police for their tireless dedication to this case and the related, ongoing criminal investigation. As this trial begins, it is crucial to remember who is at the center: Jennifer, whose five children have lost their mother and, as an eventuality, both parents. Jennifer’s family and loved ones have lost a loving daughter, sister, cousin, and lifelong friend. We do not seek closure, as nothing can bring Jennifer back. Our hope is that this trial provides for accountability and answers.”



5/31/24 – Sentencing

DAY 31 – 3/1/24 – Jury Deliberations

COUNT 1: Conspiracy to Commit Murder – GUILTY

COUNTS 2 and 4: Conspiracy to Commit Tampering with Physical Evidence – GUILTY

COUNTS 3 and 5: Tampering with Physical Evidence – GUILTY

COUNT 6: Hindering Prosecution in the Second Degree – GUILTY

DAY 30 – 2/29/24 – Jury Deliberations

  • The jury deliberated for a full day without reaching a verdict.
  • The jury asked two questions related to terminology on the verdict form.
    • The jury asked if they could have clarification for the verbiage of count 3, specifically in terms of what constitutes tampering and whether the defendant needed to have physically altered, destroyed or concealed an item or thing.
    • The jury asked for clarification about the jury instructions surrounding the term “Accessorial Liability.”

DAY 29 – 2/28/24 – Jury Deliberations

  • The jury asked to watch the testimony of Clara “Petu” Duperron, Michelle Troconis’ best friend. They watched the 38-minute video in the courtroom.

DAY 28 – 2/27/24

DAY 27 – 2/23/24

  • Michelle Troconis’ friend, Clara “Petu” Duperron, testified that she spoke with Troconis multiple times on the day of Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance.
    • Duppoeron said that Troconis lit a fire for all seasons to “relax,” even if it was warm outside.
  • Professor Viorica Marian, a language expert, explained to jurors who how people who are bilingual think differently.
    • Marian determined that Troconis had a conversational proficiency in English and used Spanish grammar when speaking in English.
  • Michelle Troconis told the court she would not testify in her own defense.
  • The defense concluded their presentation of evidence on Friday.
  • Jurors heard from 40 witnesses for the state and 13 witnesses for the defense over 27 days.
  • Attorneys will meet with the judge on Monday to finalize jury instructions. Closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 27.

DAY 26 – 2/22/24

  • Jurors heard testimony from a memory expert who has testified in other high-profile trials, including Robert Durst, Bill Cosby, Phil Spector, and Harvey Weinstein.
    • Professor Elizabeth Loftus said that memory can be impacted by circumstances leading up to the memory creation and recall of that memory. In addition, a memory can be contaminated if new information or misinformation is introduced.
    • On cross-examination, Prosecutors challenged Loftus as to whether Troconis’s memory was contaminated when she continued to provide investigators with new information during her three interviews that investigators did not introduce or whether she was not truthful from the beginning.
  • Fotis Dulos’ divorce attorney, Michael Rose, said Dulos was ‘happy and relieved’ after reading the custody evaluation report.
  • The defense is expected to conclude their presentation of evidence on Friday.

DAY 25 – 2/21/24

  • Prosecutors rest their case-in-chief Wednesday. Jurors heard from 40 witnesses during 25 days of testimony.
  • The defense motion for an acquittal of all counts is denied.
  • Jennifer Farber Dulos’ 88-year-old mother, Gloria Farber, testified that she has not seen or heard from her daughter since she disappeared on May 24, 2019.
    • Farber Dulos was to meet her mother at her apartment in New York City following a doctor’s appointment.
  • Jon Schoenhorn contends there is no evidence that Michelle Troconis was aware of Fotis Dulos’ alleged plan of killing his estranged wife, nor did she participate in the cover-up to destroy evidence.
  • Jurors heard from several character witnesses on behalf of Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis. All said nothing was unusual, and the two appeared ‘jovial’ the day before Farber Dulos’ disappearance.
  • Troconis’ hair stylist said Michelle Troconis seemed ‘happy’ the day after Farber Dulos was reported missing.
  • The defense is expected to rest either Friday afternoon or Monday morning.
  • A contempt hearing will be held after the defense’s case has concluded. It’s alleged that Michelle Troconis has a copy of a sealed custody evaluation report for Fotis and Jennifer Dulos’ children.
  • The attorneys will present their final arguments on Tuesday

DAY 24 – 2/20/24

  • Prosecutors will call their last witness Wednesday.
  • Kent Mawhinney, Fotis Dulos’ former attorney, and co-defendant, will not testify, citing Fifth Amendment privilege.
  • The defense will ask the court for a directed verdict at the close of the state’s case.
  • Michelle Troconis will face a contempt hearing at the close of the defense case. Troconis’ trial attorneys have recused themselves from representing her in the contempt hearing. She’s accused of having access to a sealed custody evaluation report for Fotis and Jennifer Dulos.
  • Jurors continue to watch Troconis’ third interview with investigators.
  • During the interview, investigators noted discrepancies in Troconis’ statements on June 2, June 6, and August 13, 2019.
  • Troconis admitted to answering Fotis Dulos’ cell phone on the morning of May 24. She had not mentioned doing so in her first two interviews. Dulos allegedly prearranged his friend Andreas Toutziardis in Greece to call at 9:00 a.m.
  • While questioned by investigators, Troconis said, “I just know that I went as the stupid girlfriend to help [Fotis] out because he told me, ‘Come and clean the house, and I did. He told me, ‘Come, let’s go to Starbucks, and I did.”
  • Investigators tried several interview techniques, including showing Troconis a picture of someone they described as “Michelle 2.0,” to solicit a response from Troconis. She said Dulos was allegedly talking to other women and disguising the women’s names under men’s names.
  • The defense case will focus on memory, and whether sleep deprivation, language barriers, and stress play a major role in a person’s memory.

DAY 23 – 2/16/24

  • Judge Randolph may hold Michelle Troconis in contempt of court if it’s determined that she has access to and disseminated a sealed custody report.
    • A hearing may occur after the defense concludes its case.
  • Jurors saw Michelle Troconis’ 3rd interrogation with investigators.
    • The video was stopped to highlight inconsistencies between earlier interviews.
  • Detective John Kimball was recalled to the witness stand to show how he and investigators were able to piece together evidence using home surveillance videos from homes in the Avon and Farmington, Conn. areas.
  • Surveillance video showed three separate events of smoke rising from a chimney at Fotis Dulos’ Jefferson Crossing home in the afternoon and into the evening hours of Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance.
  • Prosecutors said the defense failed to disclose some of their witnesses in sufficient time to prepare for cross-examination. The defense plans to have expert testimony regarding memory loss stemming from external factors of stress.
    • Judge Randolph gave the defense until midnight to produce a report.

DAY 22 – 2/15/24

  • A note handed to prosecutors could jeopardize proceedings. The person alleges Troconis has access to a sealed custody report, which was visible to someone in the courtroom. Judge Randolph said a contempt hearing might be in the future if it’s determined that “custody report is being disseminated, and if it’s being disseminated essentially with the involvement of the defendant,” the court would have to act.
  • Fotis Dulos told the Guardian Ad Litem appointed to his children that the litigation was having an “adverse effect” on his relationship with Michelle Troconis. In addition, Dulos said his ideal outcome was to have Jennifer and their children, Michelle and her daughter, “all living under the same roof.”
  • In his notes, Michael Meehan, Guardian Ad Litem, wrote in his notes after a phone conversation with Fotis Dulos that he sounded “excited” after his estranged wife disappeared.
    • Meehan spoke regularly with Jennifer Farber Dulos until May 24, 2019; after that, he said, “Sadly, I’ve never spoken to her again.”
  • In January 2019, Fotis Dulos had been ordered not to have contact with his children. The ruling was later revised to allow for supervised visitation and that Michelle Troconis and her then-12-year-old daughter were barred from having contact with Fotis and Jennifer’s five children. Dulos was “upset and outraged” by the ruling and filed an appeal.
  • Troconis was “down” and “frustrated,” according to Meehan, Guardian Ad Litem. “She expressed disappointment and really lacked understanding why the court had not allowed access between her and the children. Troconis wanted to know what she had done to cause the court to order that she not be permitted to be in contact with the [Dulos] children.”
  • Garrison Hudkins, who lives on Jefferson Crossing, purchased his home from Fotis and Jennifer Dulos. He told jurors that Fotis Dulos was “really condescending toward my wife and found that a little offensive.”
    • Hudkins encountered Dulos on May 26, 2019, while Hudkins was walking his dog. He said he did not recognize Dulos with a shaved head riding a scooter. Dulos asked about Hudkins’ surveillance cameras and asked him not to delete the video. Dulos said his attorney advised him to produce a chronological timeline of “their” whereabouts for May 24.

DAY 21 – 2/14/24

  • Proceedings began earlier than expected in the morning so that attorneys could discuss motions outside of the jury’s presence.
    • Judge Randolph granted the state’s motion to alow the Dulos children’s Guardian Ad Litem to testify to the status of Fotis and Jennifer’s dissolution of marriage and custody arrangement. In addition, a protective order was granted for the children’s attorney not to hand over notes and emails regarding the children’s status and medical records.
    • Prior to the start of the trial, Michelle Troconis was granted a motion to suppress all cell phone data information from her cell phone during the trial. After the ruling, the Connecticut State Police was granted a new warrant in 2023 to retrieve cell phone tower information for Troconis’ phone. Judge Randolph ruled Wednesday that he information from the cell phone tower dump is permitted as evidence.
    • Judge Randolph ruled in favor of Troconis in not allowing testimony from Connecticut’s Chief Medical Examiner.
  • Jurors watched videos of Fotis Dulos driving his employee’s red Toyota Tacoma at a carwash in Avon, CT, five days after he allegedly drove the same vehicle to New Canaan, CT, to kill his estranged wife.
  • Surveillance video from Weed Farm shows someone wearing a dark hoodie going by on a bicycle toward New Canaan. A few hours later, the same video camera recorded a dark SUV coming from the opposite direction the bicyclist traveled.

DAY 20 – 2/8/24

  • Testimony focused on cell phone and vehicle data.
  • Fairfield Police Detective Michael Clark said there were gaps in data downloaded from Jennifer’s 2017 Chevrolet Suburban and Fotis Dulos’ cell phone.
  • Fotis Dulos had one missed phone call at 8:24 a.m. between 5:30 a.m.
  • GPS data from Fotis Dulos’ 2014 Ford Raptor show the vehicle traveled to Sturbridge Hill Road in New Canaan, where Pawel Gumienny said he drove to a job site. The vehicle later showed the vehicle traveling along Albany Avenue in West Hartford, CT.

DAY 19 – 2/7/24

  • The state’s key witness, Pawel Gumienny, returned to the witness stand.
  • The defense raised concerns about Gumienny’s credibility and truthfulness.
    • Gumienny’s attorney said his client cooperated with police.
  • After Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared, Gumienny searched on the internet for stories about the search, flights to Poland and shopped for a used Tacoma on Craig’s List.
  • Gumienny told prosecutors he remembered a conversation between himself, Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis during which Troconis allegedly said, “I’m going to kill that (expletive) when she turns up.”
    • The comment was made after Troconis expressed she was upset that her picture, along with that of her 12-year-old daughter, was posted on the internet.
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DAY 18 – 2/6/24

  • The state’s key witness, Pawel Gumienny, testified on Tuesday.
    • Gumienny met Fotis and Jennifer Dulos in 2004. He began working at Fotis’ luxury construction company in 2016.
  • Jennifer Dulos wouldn’t allow the children to say goodbye to the family dog before it was put down. Michelle Troconis allegedly said, “that bitch should be buried right next to do the dog.”
  • Gumienny said Fotis drove his truck without permission on the date of Jennifer’s disappearance.
  • After Jennifer went missing, Gumienny said he was not suspicious of Fotis.
  • Fotis allegedly tried to encourage Gumienny not to talk to the police and told him that he’d lose his green card and be deported.
  • Outside the courthouse, Marisela Troconis read letters of support for her sister they received from the community.

DAY 17 – 2/5/24

  • Prosecutors recalled Kristen Madel, a DNA analyst for the state crime lab.
    • Madel previously testified about how the lab establishes DNA profiles and how the forensic test works.
    • The state crime lab changed DNA testing kits. Known DNA samples were tested in 2020 and recently last year.
  • One skin cell of Michelle Troconis’ was confirmed to be on one black plastic garbage bag discarded in West Hartford, CT.
  • Michelle Troconis’ DNA could not be excluded from black duct tape found inside a black garbage bag in 2020 but was later eliminated when Troconis’ DNA was tested again in 2023.
  • There were two contributors to DNA on Jennifer Dulos’ blue and white striped shirt. Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis were excluded from the profile.
  • Jon Schoenhorn, Troconis’ defense attorney, questioned whether there was enough of a sample to test for DNA.

DAY 16 – 2/2/24

  • Jurors heard from forensic lab experts regarding evidence collected in the search for the missing mother of five, Jennifer Dulos.
  • Defense attorney Jon Schoenhorn questioned experts about the chain of custody and whether the evidence was properly handled during their testing of evidence.
    • Schoenhorn questioned Anita Vailonis, Fiber Analyst, as to whether several items of evidence were contaminated when placed into an evidence bag by state police. “I don’t see any alternative. I would bag that [trash barrel], take it to a secure location, and then sort through it,” Vailonis said.
  • Five human hairs found on evidence collected were forwarded to the DNA lab for testing.
    • One was from a clear plastic poncho, one was in the knot of a black garbage bag, one was from a green and yellow sponge in a black plastic bag and one was from the door panel of the Toyota Tacoma.
  • A pair of black Husky gloves collected in West Hartford were tested for blood.
    • The left glove tested positive for blood and the right tested negative for blood but was forwarded to the lab for DNA testing.
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DAY 15 – 2/1/24

  • Jurors heard from a parenting supervisor ordered by the court to supervise a visit between Fotis Dulos and his children on May 22, 2019, two days before Jennifer’s disappearance.
    • Sidnee Streater, the supervisor, said that when the children saw their father with a shorter haircut, they “joked and rubbed his head.”
    • Streater described Jennifer and Fotis’ interaction as “friendly” and “amicable.”
  • Serology screening test on a blue and white striped shirt, white bra, zip ties, black plastic bags and poncho tested positive for blood.
  • No blood was found on a metal scraper with a broken blade, license plates from the Toyota Tacoma or black garbage bags.
  • “Hair-like” fibers were collected from a discarded poncho and sent to the DNA lab for further analysis.
  • The altered license plates that were found in a FedEx envelope and placed in a storm drain in West Hartford, CT, were swabbed for DNA testing.
  • On cross-examination, the defense questioned Christine Roy, serologist, about items not tested for blood.
  • Speaking with reporters during the lunch break, Troconis’ attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, said he’s “not surprised” Jennifer Dulos’ blood was found on the items.

DAY 14 – 1/31/24

  • Jurors heard testimony about the seizure of one of Fotis Dulos’ employees’ red Toyota Tacoma and what was found in the pickup truck, as well as the result of latent print examinations of evidence collected from Jennifer Dulos’ home and evidence discarded in West Hartford, CT.
  • Pawel Gumienny, the owner of the red Toyota Tacoma, agreed to provide his cell phone, laptop, DNA and vehicle to help with the investigation.
    • Gumienny told police, “If I were going to use a computer to research things, I would use one that didn’t belong to me,” according to Sgt. Michael Beauton.
    • The Toyota Tacoma had two seats from a Porsche Cayenne inside the vehicle. The seats came from Fotis Dulos’ SUV that had been wrecked and stored at one of Dulos’ properties.
  • State investigators found two other vehicle seats at Gumienny’s home that had the seat covers removed. One of the seats later tested positive for blood.
  • Michelle Troconis’ prints were not identified in any latent print evidence tested.
  • Fotis Dulos’ fingerprints were identified on two items: a black plastic garbage bag and tape found inside one of the black plastic garbage bags that had been collected.

DAY 13 – 1/30/24

  • Prosecutors presented evidence about a red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that traveled from Mountain Springs Road in Farmington, CT to New Canaan, CT.
    • Retired State Trooper Gregory LeBeau testified that he looked for a red Toyota Tacoma pickup with silver rims, tubular runnings boards and a snowplow hitch.
      • “I was extremely interested in the items in the back of the pickup truck,” LeBeau said.
  • Investigators executed a search warrant at Fotis Dulos’ home on May 31, 2019.
  • Connecticut State Police Sgt. Michael Beauton testified about his first interaction with Pawel Gumienny, a Fore Group employee.
    • Gumienny “appeared to be very nervous, sweaty and his breathing was elevated.”

DAY 12 – 1/29/24

  • Detective John Kimball, formerly with the Connecticut State Police, told the court investigators believed Troconis “would know more than she was giving or providing” law enforcement.
    • Troconis offered to dig holes and trek through the woods to help find Jennifer Dulos.
    • During cross-examination, Jon Shoehorn pointed out that events were missing from  Troconis’ timeline: Fotis Dulos went out for a jog when they returned home from Starbucks and went to pick up her daughter from school.
  • The defense disclosed a cell phone connected with the Bluetooth signal in Jennifer’s 2017 Chevrolet Suburban at 3:58 p.m. the day she disappeared.
  • One of the six jurors deciding the case had an “emergency out of the country.”
    • Juror 62 called and left a voicemail for a fellow juror saying they would not be in court. Juror 62 was dismissed from the case and replaced with an alternate, juror 399. There are two alternate jurors remaining.

DAY 11 – 1/26/24

  • Jurors watched the second of three interviews with Michelle Troconis on June 6, 2019.
  • The defense attempts to show no inconsistencies with the Troconis version of events.
  • Troconis told police that she “thinks that she’s [Jennifer Dulos] still somewhere hiding.”
  • Michelle Troconis’s sister, Claudia, makes an emotional plea for her sister’s innocence while speaking to the media on the courthouse steps.
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DAY 10 – 1/25/24

  • Michelle Troconis becomes emotional in court as her taped interview with police is played for the jury.
  • Jurors watch the first of three interviews with Michelle Troconis.
  • Troconis told investigators that she woke up early on the morning of May 24, 2019, because her juvenile daughter was afraid of the thunderstorm.
  • Detective John Kimball, the lead case officer, told jurors there were inconsistencies with Troconis’ interview, specifically when she told them that Fotis “jumped in the shower” with her and never mentioned it again.
  • Police were “genuinely” concerned about Troconis’ safety because Fotis Dulos was staring her down on the night of May 31 when he was detained and questioned.
  • Detective Clabby tells Troconis that “Fotis killed Jennifer” to get a reaction from Troconis, to which she wails and places her face in her hands, and replies, “Oh my God, I don’t know.”
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DAY 9 – 1/24/24

  • Prosecutors recalled Detective Matthew Reilly, who testified to evidence found in their search, including a so-called ‘alibi script’ that listed times and activities.
    • The three photocopied, handwritten notes were found in a black bag at 4 Jefferson Crossing, while the original copy was found in the home as well.
  • Additional evidence was collected from vehicles registered to Fotis Dulos’ company, the Fore Group, as well as three homes in Farmington, Connecticut.
  • A portion of the cargo area of Fotis Dulos’ 2015 Chevrolet Suburban was sprayed with luminol for testing and yielded a positive result for the presence of blood.
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DAY 8 – 1/23/24

  • Prosecutors reveal evidence collected from trash receptacles throughout Hartford that was discarded on the day Jennifer Dulos disappeared.
  • Investigators found zip ties, two ponchos, a box cutter with a broken blade, a screwdriver, and a bent broom or mop handle, all with a blood-like substance on them.
  • A white bra and a long-sleeved blue and white striped shirt covered in a blood-like substance was also found among items discarded along Albany Avenue in West Hartford.
  • A shocking moment in court occurred when the prosecution team revealed the bra was still clasped and the shirt had been cut in the front.
  • READ MORE: Bloody bra, zip ties link Michelle Troconis to missing mom, prosecution says
  • Jurors watched videos of Fotis Dulos’ black Ford Raptor traveling along Albany Avenue and stopping at several trash bins.
  • The Weather Tech cargo liner missing from Jennifer Dulos’ 2017 Chevrolet Suburban has never been recovered.
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DAY 7 – 1/22/24

  • After days of testimony, jurors heard Michelle Troconis’ name for the first time during the trial.
  • Surveillance video showed Fotis Dulos’ black Ford Raptor driving in the Albany Avenue area of West Hartford.
    • A woman matching the description of Michelle Troconis was seen leaning out the passenger door, allegedly disposing of an item.
    • WATCH: Trial Exhibit: Fotis Dulos’ Movements After Jennifer’s Disappearance
    • Altered license plates in a storm drain belonged to an unregistered vehicle belonging to Fotis Dulos.
    • Surveillance video showed Fotis Dulos disposing of several black garbage bags throughout the Albany Avenue area of West Hartford.
    • Defense attorney Jon Schoenhorn said, “[Michelle Troconis] admitted to being a passenger in the Ford Raptor and that Fotis Dulos was the driver.”
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DAY 6 – 1/19/24

DAY 5 – 1/18/24

  • Jurors heard the DNA results from evidence collected from Jennifer Dulos’ New Canaan home, a 2017 Chevrolet Suburban and a 2014 Range Rover.
    • DNA analyst Kristin Madel testified that they were able to establish a DNA profile for Dulos by using her electric toothbrush. Samples were also collected from all five of her children, her estranged husband, Troconis, the family’s nanny and one of Fotis’ employees.
    • Jennifer’s DNA profile matched samples from the garage, kitchen and the vehicles.
    • Michelle Troconis’ DNA was not found anywhere inside the house, garage or vehicles.
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DAY 4 – 1/17/24

DAY 3 – 1/16/24

  • Judge Randolph ruled testimony of “presumptive testing” regarding the testing of a reddish-brown substance found in the garage and kitchen would be permitted. He also ruled that the Dulos’ nanny could testify to Jennifer’s “state of mind” before her disappearance, even though the defense argued the information is hearsay.
  • Jurors saw more photo evidence of reddish-brown stains throughout the garage and kitchen.
    • Paper towel fragments with what appeared to be blood were seen in the garage, where it appeared someone tried to clean up.
  • The Dulos’ nanny, Lauren Almedia, testified.
    • Almedia said that Jennifer told her that she “had a feeling Fotis was having an affair because he was ‘acting weird.'”
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DAY 2 – 1/12/24

  •  Judge Randolph rejects the defense’s argument over “junk science.”
  • Investigators believed foul play was suspected in the missing person investigation.
  • The reddish-brown substance found throughout the garage and kitchen was tested for blood.
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DAY 1 – 1/11/24

  • No Opening Statements – the attorneys waived presenting opening remarks.
  • Jennifer Farber Dulos’ nanny called the police and reported her missing.
  • Police found reddish-brown spatter and droplets on Farber Dulos’ garage floor and vehicles. A partial footprint was found near Jennifer’s Land Rover and one of the garage bay’s entrances.
  • Jennifer’s 2017 Chevrolet Suburban was seen on video leaving her neighborhood to drop her kids off at school, driving into the New Canaan Country Day School entrance, and returning home.
  • The key fob to the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban, a jacket, and Jennifer’s purse were found on the floor between the mudroom and kitchen.
  • The 2017 Chevrolet Suburban was found abandoned on the side of Lapham Road near Waveney Park, battery dead, vehicle in reverse, and blood on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Michelle Troconis’ father and two sisters spoke to the new media outside the courthouse and insist that she was not guilty, and they remain supportive of her.