Love Triangles

Love can be tough enough for two, but three is a recipe for murder.

thomas randolph appears in court
court documents in david coots case
Jesse Alvarez is pictured in court.
jesse alvarez testifies
A jury deliberated before returning a verdict for Jesse Alvarez, who's accused in the 2021 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend's new fiancé.
jesse alvarez testifies
Jesse Alvarez took the stand and told jurors that undiagnosed autism played a part in his obsession with ex-girlfriend.
Michelle Troconis appears in court
Michelle Troconis appears in court
Michelle Troconis sits in court
Jury deliberations began on Tuesday in the Missing Mom Conspiracy Trial.
evidence in the trial of michelle troconis
michelle troconis appears in court
Evidence presented during the state's closing argument
A photograph of shooting victim Mario Fierro is displayed.
evidence in trial of jesse alvarez
Jesse Milton Alvarez's apparent obsession with ex-girlfriend Amy Gembara led to him killing her fiancé.
Amy Gembara, takes the stand in the Lover Stalker Murder Trial.
gloria faber testifies
Fotis Dulos' driveway.